Dr today. Sorry it's so long

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Dr today. Sorry it's so long

So I was very emotional at the dr today. I cried in front of the nurses and the dr. They said its of course perfectly normal for me to be and were surprised I made it this long without crying in front of them (14 weeks today). They really helped calm me down and answered all my questions, took a lot of time talking to me.

So as far as regular checkup things, I lost weight since last week (3 lbs or something), heartbeat was 150, blood pressure was a little heigh but I was crying so maybe that effected it, and my uterus was right below my rib cage! She said that it was really ahead size wise but is influenced by her position and she is breech again. She also checked me and my cervix is still hard, long, and not dilated.

I asked her opinions on everything from the ultrasound and she said that the brain is small but not necessarily behind. A lot of it has to do with genetics. The placenta is obviously not working as well and is really trying hard since my uterus is big and bleeding. If it starts to give up and shut down they will take the baby. There is a 50% chance that I will need a c section between the bleeding and her being in position to birth when necessary or if labor happens quickly and she's breech. Because the placenta isn't working well they did some blood work to make sure everything else is ok including iron levels because of the blood loss.

I explained why I was so nervous not knowing when to call and not nosing what to do. They told me to call if the bleeding doesn't slow in an episode, if I go through a pad in an hr or 3 in a day, if I have more contractions, if I can't deal with the pain of the cramps with Tylenol or taking a bath, and anytime I need reassurance or to just update them. They reassured me that they are doing all they can and if there was something more they could do with me in the hospital I wild be there. I'm in good hands.

Every day I keep her in is a few less she would spend in the nicu. So I'm looking at every small goal. Right now if I make it to Saturday it's better than having her today, and so on. I canceled my appointment Tuesday slim not traveling more than necessary but was told they would get me in if anything comes up. If things stay the same she wants to see me in 2 weeks. I go back in tomorrow for my second shot, which wasn't that bad, my blood draw site hurts worse. Tho we are supposed to get 8 inches over night so they said to take it slow and call if we will be a little late. We need to be there 24 hrs from the first shot, not 25, so I think we will leave very early in case and I will sit there for an hr before time if need be.

I am feeling much more at ease now even tho it's still scary.

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Thanks for the lengthy update. You know I read it ALL!!! Biggrin

I'm so glad that they were able to set your mind at ease...and that you're still not dilating or anything. Glad the shot was good. I agree, we need to just go one day at a time...every day you keep her in, the better her outcome long-term will be. We're all your cheering squad here girl. You can PM me if you need to talk. *hugs*

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I am sorry to hear that things are going so rough for you. I know from past research that every week or day even that baby can stay in can make the biggest difference! I am praying that everything goes well for you!

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Thanks ladies. I forgot o add that she said she sees bleeding like min started but usually it stops by now. She said that if my blood work is bad or anything changes I will be in the hospital for a while and most likely will be there at som point. I guess it reassures me that they are taking it seriously and will so everything they can.

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Praying for you, girl! Bake, baby bake!!

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I'm glad that, if nothing else, they gave you a lot of good information to help calm your nerves at least as to when to contact them. It definitely sounds like you are in good care. Be careful driving tomorrow and know you & your little girl are in my thoughts :vibes: Bake little girly, bake!!

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I'm so glad for your update. I've been thinking about you so often! Every day is another victory. Hang in there!

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Thank goodness you are in good hands!!

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Don't ever feel feel bad for crying in front of the doctor or nurses! You are a strong mama, and you have to have some outlet. You are going through a scary time, if it were me everyone in a two block radius would be hearing me.

I hope your drive tomorrow goes smoothly. We are praying for you and baby.

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