The Dreaded Car

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The Dreaded Car

Anyone else have a baby who HATES the car? He screams until he sounds like he's choking or can't breathe. All in a 5 minute car ride. Sometimes he's okay for about 10 minutes, and sometimes he's cried so much he fell asleep, but it's seriously torture listening to him cry so much in the car. We were planning to go visit the IL's this weekend for a while now (2 hours away) hoping this car thing would pass, but now we're cancelling that. And I'm also telling DH to book a flight to NY for his cousin's wedding, since there is no way we're making that 7 hour drive in just 4 weeks from now. We've tried music, someone talking to him or that he can see, adjusting the car seat straps (he's like this in more than one car/car seat) but he just closes his eyes and cries... it's heartbreaking and I don't know what to do. I keep taking him on short rides around for errands since I won't be stuck at home all the time, but it's not really common for babies to hate the car is it?

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My DD was like that and would literally scream from the moment we got in the car until we got out. It lasted until she could actively "play" in the car or at least hold things. It was a huge pain and I felt stranded at home. Hang in there, they do grow out of it. One thing that did help sometimes (and have done with my other two also) is to take a blanket after you strap baby in and "pin" his arms down sort of like a swaddle. If you roll the top of the blanket a few times its bulky enough to hold arms down unless they really fight it. Good luck!

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I thought it was so strange because DS was so different. I try to time car rides right after feedings if possible so she falls asleep before I put her in the car.

Nothing helps once she is up and screaming though. I feel so bad for DS in the backseat.

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Sorry ladies. I do pin emas arms Down when she's overtired (wherever she is) but the car and her bath are the sure fire ways of calming her unless she is starving. I hope it passes quickly. I think it has to do with the "cabin pressure) on their tiny ears.

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My first DD was like that. I couldn't go anywhere. It's really terrible being cooped up. I totally get it. But be patient. He will grow out of it.