Driving day again

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Driving day again

Headed back from spring break today. Over vacation, my belly appeared! about time, right??? It'll make the ride back a little harder than the ride here.

600 miles today and 200 tomorrow. Jon's anxious to be get us back home!

My family had a "sprinkle" for me yesterday and gave me a bunch of gifts. I knew we were doing it but I really didn't expect gifts. I felt a little spoiled. I got enough gift cards to pay for the crib and a bunch of cute outfits too. And my best friend's mom bought me a Mickey Mouse diaper bag that is exactly my style (Disney, beach-y, and doesn't look like a diaper bag!). So fun!

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Sounds like a very nice sprinkle! Hope you guys have a safe trip. Smile

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That was nice. I can't wait to see the new bump! Ahhhh pic now? Have a safe drive

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How sweet!!!

Have a safe trip home and post pics of your sprinkle and belly soon Wink

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I've never heard of a 'sprinkle' before...so fun! YAY for gift cards. I can imagine those would be the most useful when you already have children. If we have a girl, I won't need much in the way of clothes and since we cloth diaper and BF, not sure what people will buy.

Drive safe! I hope it goes better than you think it might.

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That's awesome!! Smile

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How fun! Can't wait to see your belly Smile

Hope the drive isn't too bad! I'll be spending 4 hours on a Greyhound bus (each way) in 3 weeks. Ugh.