Drs Appt today, and repeat sono.

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Drs Appt today, and repeat sono.

DH decided not to come to the appointment, and wouldn't let me take DS (he said he would worry too much about him? WTF?) So I was pretty upset before hand.

Gained 4 lbs since last appt. Sono went fine, they were just wanting to get the scan of her heart (since she wasn't old enough last time) and of her face (since she was naughty and wouldn't let us see. I posted a pic on my June Space, just a profile view. She is still measuring about 4 to 5 days ahead of LMP due date, but 2 to 3 days ahead of due date based on when I ovulated. She is laying with her head kinda pointed at my right hip, which is kinda uncomfortable.

I am always more than a little annoyed when I see the doctors, they don't do much until the end of pregnancy. I asked for my lab results and my pap results and he was all like "well no news is good news, if they didn't call you I would assume they are fine." I was like no I want to know (I would have even enjoyed a print out of the results, but that didn't happen). So far I am not really digging this practice but this was a doctor I hadn't seen or met when I was working there, and am just going to cross everything that he isn't the one who delivers me, as he didn't really seem like the type to listen. I made them schedule the GlucoseTT I was all for having it at 25 weeks (which seemed fairly standard for anyone I have ever drawn in the lab) but he was all well we usually like to wait until 26-28 weeks, I was like then I guess I can come back then, because really nothing much besides the GTT happens in that range anyhow... Maybe I am just a bad patient who wants to be in charge of my care, gah.

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We have the 'no news is good news' thing here and I hate it...especially when I'm pregnant at worried about everything. When I was having all my tests with DD I'd ask the lab to put me on the list of people who get the results mailed to them and I got quite a few! That said, I'm not as freaky this pregnancy and haven't done that again.

Glad to hear baby looks good! I'm going to head over to your space and check out the pic! Biggrin

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I just got used to seeing my results when I worked at the lab. Plus when I was pregnant with DS I had abnormal paps the entire time, and wound up having a biopsy after he was born. I hadn't had one done since then because I have been so freaked out by them, and wanted to know the results to that. It was normal, thankfully. Ugh I just hate doctors.

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The hospital network my doc is in just switched to an online system. I have my own account and can log in to see my appointments, lab results, etc. it's so nice!

I agree though, it's very frustrating to go to these appointments. I had my first one (pap and bloodwork) and spread it out so I only had one other before my big u/s. I ended up going in sick last week but that was different. After my 2/15 appointment, I'm going to try to wait for the end of March. I am traveling the first week of April so I'm hoping to hold off and get a good "all clear" before I leave. And that'll probably be my glucose appointment (26 weeks). Then I'll only have one visit before 30 weeks that wasn't for a specific reason. I hate those quick "you feel ok?" "Yup" "ok see you next month" visits. Not worth the time!!!

glad your second ultrasound went well!!!

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I had that kind of practice with my DD (the no news is good news) and I hated that. My doctor now is so sweet and actually calls us herself to tell us the results of everything. I am glad your little girl is doing good and your test came back good!

I hope your next appt is better!

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Glad to hear she is looking well. Sorry your DH was being weird about going or you taking your DS.

My office doesn't call you with good news either on anything or really even share that much information with patients unless you go out of your way. In fact, I had to find out my blood type about 8 months ago and realized that I had NO idea even though I've had a LOT of blood taken between my other two pregnancies and whatever else and thought it was odd that I'd never been told that piece of basic information. All it took was a phone call, but I agree, I'd love a full printout of every last detail of my medical history as far as they know!

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My OB is like that unless I specifically ask, but the high risk dr is awesome! They call me as soon as results get in no matter what the result.