DTD - absolutely no interest

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DTD - absolutely no interest

I'm thinking my hormones are messed up because I seriously have NO desire for anything in the bedroom at all!

I feel so bad for DH, but between being tires, DD sleeping in our room still and my boobies sore all the time from pumping and breastfeeding, its a serious dry spell.

Plus I'm on the minipill and am so worried about it failing and I would seriously freak out if I got pregnant again so soon.

It didn't take this long to get back into the swing after DS. Anyone else?

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The mini pill makes me have zero drive. Not that all the other factors of having a new baby don't make it worse, but I know the mini pill is hugely to blame at least in my case.

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We haven't yet. After the clot, I'm terrified of another pregnancy. I obviously can't do pills (they are a huge clot risk) and Jon took all his time off work for my hospital stay for the clot so he can't do his surgery until January. We really aren't sure what to do. It's not like I can just watch the calendar and be careful because breastfeeding makes that less than reliable.

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No drive here and ut hurts bc bf makes me dry. Is that normal?

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I am not sure if it the zoloft or what but I am feeling the same way. DONT TOUCH ME!!

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none here either. I have some self consious issues, zoloft Im sure isnt helping, and things jsut aren't "right" it seems after this preg. def not in the mood or even CLOSE to being in the mood.....

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We haven't DTD yet either. I'm so scared off all that went on down there and I still have pain. The OB actually recommended I start with a vibrator first to practice relaxing my muscles. LOL

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NOt that I'm happy that so many of us aren't, but I feel much better that I am not alone in this.

Last time I bounced back rather quickly, but I think between the csection recovery, my boobies being so sore from nursing and pumping and the general exhaustion with having two kids now, it makes sense. It is just seriously on the bottom of my To-Do list, pun intended Wink