to dtd or not to dtd

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to dtd or not to dtd

I know everyone says it helps with getting labor going but I've also read some thigns that say it doesnt make a difference. thoughts? experience with it helping/not helping? I have wanted to for a couple weeks, but have been so uncomfortable I havent even wanted to attempt it. Now Im at the point that the uncomfortable/exhausted feeling is being outbeat by the want for things to get started (esp when the drs weren't sure I'd even make it this far)...... (I'd like to avoid an induction if possible) Just looking for thoughts...

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I always do it a few times a week at the very end... I personally think it does help to soften the cervix and get things started. With my first dd I think that was the thing that put me over and finally started labor. It was right after dtd that I got a big glob of bloody show and the next afternoon I was in labor.

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I've never had much luck with it but I think if your body is on the brink that it can definitely get things going. Good luck!

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I'd say its worth a shot. I have been letting dh get lucky at least every other day in hopes that it would do something, but nothing yet Sad

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We DTD last night but I was already contracting from the attempted sweep. I still think it helped.

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I am so uncomfortable I can't stand to be touched at all. DTD is out of the question here.

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I tried it at 6 and 8 days overdue last time, but still had to be induced at 11 days over. So for me, it didn't work - but my body was not doing anything on it's own, so there was nothing to "kick start".

This time we didn't DTD since about 39 weeks.

I know some people swear it worked for them, but I think it's the same as anything else - can't hurt to try! Or can it?.......LOL.

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"PCCGirl813" wrote:

I am so uncomfortable I can't stand to be touched at all. DTD is out of the question here.

That's kinda how I am right now..... so I'm teetering if it's worth it to attempt to get things going. I've been dilated for a couple weeks now but its not progressing... Im measuring smaller than I was before, contractions have slowed up... so Im debating if this will maybe help things pick up again? (I am sure DH wouldn't argue.... we haven't even attempted since 25 weeks bc of the contractions then. The dr said that weekend to avoid and DH hasnt asked since.)

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My doc told me to DTD if we (I) felt up to it because, yes, it can help soften the cervix but if I am not ready to begin labor, it really won't help. Eh, DH took it as "game on" so I we have DTD a few times. It hasn't helped progress me passed the 1cm dilated I have been for the past two weeks! Sad

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I guess it could help. It didn't really help me. We stayed fairly regular up until the end. I had dilated, but I don't think it had much to do with DTD. And the dilation didn't necessarily bring labor on either. But who knows, it could work for you!

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Both dds we DDT the night b4 my water broke....coincidence or not? I was already in very very early labor with both, contracting but little to no progress....

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Woke up this morning with bad back pain. Not super painful like I couldnt deal with it but totally different than my normal back pain. and a few contractions this morning (but still nothing like they were the last few weeks). so hopefully something in the next two days? maybe we WILL dtd to help try to move things along? our house is totally NOT ready (though our pantry is in GREAT shape after redoing it yesterday!) but Im at the point I dont care. school let out and a bunch of stuff from there is here in my living room( so I could get out of school earlier) I just want this baby here! I'm exhausted and waking in pain every day. (I know I will still be exhausted after baby... but Im hoping the pain goes away!) really wishing things would start on their own so I dont have to be induced BUT Im also at the point induction would be fine with me.....

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UGH! So I totally want to dtd so I dont have to be induced, but I'd also like to not have severe pain for another few days.... but I cannot convince DH to dtd! he's terrified that Ill go into labor and we won't make it to the hospital.

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Can't hurt to try Wink

We haven't dtd in weeks. Dh gets wired towards the end of my pregnancy about it

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Im at the point I totally want to try even though I hurt like heck and am uncomfortable as anything...(and the size of a whale?) but I hated being induced and would like to maybe convince my body to do a little more on it's own than it is. (ya know like hte steady contractions I was having weeks ago?) so that maybe I wont have to have much done if anything induction wise..... but since we live farther from this hospital than we did with DS (30+mins vs 5 previously) DH is paranoid that we will end up not making it there to the point that he's dead set on calling an ambulance if I DO go into labor at home......