Eeeeek! So excited!

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Eeeeek! So excited!

I just found out one of my IRL friends is pg too! She's due 3 days before me! The greatest part is our first borns were born the same day of the same years in the same hospital! We didn't know each other then but met at baby group when the two were 3 months.

The sad part is they had a m/c a couple months back, so now they're pretty apprehensive about telling anyone. I was so scared to tell her I was pg but I told her today and after we chatted about it for an hour she spilled the beans! Her hubby doesn't want anyone to know because of the loss...but she just couldn't resist. That would be so funny if we had birthday buddies twice! I doubt it will happen again but wow!

Please keep her in your thoughts. I hope her little bean sticks.

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Aww that is so cool! Hope they have a HH9M's!

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Awe, how cool is that? I hope things go perfectly for them this time. Smile

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Awww! Hoping for a sticky bean for the,. Very cool that y'all are due so close together!

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very cool! One of my closest friends had her son 20 days after my daughter and she's due 2 months before me this time! It's going to be fun to be pregnant/have babies together again! Smile

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That's awesome!!! My oldest dd and her best friend share a birthday (although exactly one year apart). It's really fun. I actually went into labor with my baby boy the same day of her friend's sister's b-day... so we ALMOST had two kids (the mom is my friend) that shared a birthday. It's crazy how these things work out sometimes.

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That will be fun! DH's best friend and his wife have been ttc for a couple months, and they just called us to tell us they were 5 weeks, at the same time I was. So we are due within a day or so of each other! Lucky for you your friends are close, unfortunately ours live far away - but it's still really cool!