Emalyn's birth story (long)

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Emalyn's birth story (long)

My body started preparing for labor long before my water broke but the big change was Sunday. I had an episode of bleeding and went into L&D as contractions started. I was sent home and returned a few times before it was for sure baby day.

My water broke at 1:50 pm Thursday afternoon. I was sure it was happening Wednesday night because I could feel the bubbles like with elora so slept on a towel. When it broke I was telling my sister in law about thinking it was going to happen and we were joking around and I pretended to strain when I stood up and bam, it did happen. Lol funny timing. I waked around a while at home and kept checking my pads to make sure it was the real thing and after 3 pads and soaking my couch I was sure.

We went into my OBs office to be checked and she was in a delivery so had to wait there in the waiting room contracting away for about an hour. When we did get checked I was 2 cm plus. The nitrocine (sp?) strip was negative but Dr G wanted an ultrasound to be sure. The u/s showed a high leak, low fluid, and that she had not grown since my u/s the Monday before (10 days). Regardless of amniotic fluid leaves it would be baby day with no growth so we were sent straight to L&D.

I was given penicillin right away because I did not have the GBS swab done, that hurt very bad. It was too concentrated and stung from my iv site in my wrist all the way to my heart. After being monitored a while I walked the halls for two hours trying to get the contractions to strengthen.

They started pitocin at 8 to strengthen the contractions and thry were picking up and getting stronger but still not too bad. At 9 I got my second dose of penicillin and it did not sting. At 9:30 I noticed a dripping from the iv pole and called the nurse and sure enough, they were trying to induce the floors labor, not mine. Lol. They straightened it out and dr G was there shortly after to check me. I was 4 cm (10 pm) and she broke my forwaters (above Ems head).

I then got a walking monitor and walked about an hour more, tho I only made it one lap really because they picked up and I had to stop and sway and breath and stick my butt out (don't know why but it helped a ton). Got back to my room and labored there standing a while longer, my sister scratched my back and that seemed to help too. I then called for my epidural.

They started my epidural around 12:30 and I got 3 zingers on my right side before getting a good straight down epidural. When it took I got a catheter which I never had with elora. I was only allowed to lay on my sides and couldn't sit up at all. This was also new as I kinda half reclined on my back with elora. It was a bad epidural, I couldn't move my legs and they were so heavy but I could feel every contraction. It was the scariest feeling not being able to control the pain or my body. I felt like I was falling off the bed and was balling. I hated being out of control.

I was advised to press my button so I could get more relief but instantly felt it go down my back and into my legs, not helping the contractions at all. I continued crying and freaking out. They told me to keep pressing the button but I knew it wasn't going to help and didn't want to but ended up pressing it 4 times!

They checked me at 2 and i was 6cm then put me on oxygen to calm me down while the anesthetist came back to give me something different. After that relief I was much calmer and more relaxed. At 3 I was fully dilated and they called in dr G.

I started pushing at 3:12 and was making good progress right away. I could see her head and hair in the mirror so I knew ware to push but couldn't feel the urge like with elora. (I blame all the meds). They went to prep the field and dr G to gown and I started to throw up.

I heard my mom yell "she's coming" and thought "no ill finish throwing up then push." I guess the nurse turned around just in time to catch her head. dr G ran over and pushed the mirror out of her way so I couldn't see the rest. Ema was born at 3:25 onto the unsterile bed, not broken down or anything, the cord around her neck twice. I realized my mom was right when I felt the pressure release. 13 hrs 35 minutes after my water broke, and 13 minutes of pushing.

We did the delayed cord clamping and dh cut the cord then it was skin to skin for a while. My placenta was delivered on its own (yay) and I had no tearing or episiotomy and needed no stitches.

I didn't notice her leg till they took her to the warmer to clean her up, weigh and measure her, and do her foot prints. 5# 10 oz 18.5 inches long. I guess when she came out her leg delivered normally then sprung up above her head. The on call pediatrician was called at 7am to come assess. She ordered X-rays right away and the radiologist ordered both leg xrays again and ultrasounds. A pediatric orthopedic surgeon was then called and came after his late surgeries to diagnose her with congenital knee dislocation and he put her knee in socket and set it with a splint made of items in the nursery. The hospital hasn't seen a case in 20 years. Other than her leg she is healthy!

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What an amazing journey the two of you have already been on! Thanks for sharing all the gory details. I love hearing/reading all that stuff!

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Great birth story. My favorite was the pitocin on the floor! I hope they didn't bill you for it! LOL.

Glad Em got here safely. She is SO sweet! Sorry for jinxing you on the puke pushing. Oops. Blum 3

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Thanks for sharing your story! Your epi experience sounds just awful. I had one with my first two and they worked really well (other then it did cause my BP to drop with my second and they had to give me a shot of adrenaline to revive me - oops). Anyway, I imagine it would be terrifying to have one that wasn't working the way it's suppose to, and not be able to do anything about it. Those epi's really can be a life saver when they work the way they are suppose to. Thankfully you did get through it and you have your precious little Em now. Smile She really is just as beautiful as can be. 20 years since the hospital has seen a case like Em's knee?! Wow.