ended up at the ER last night

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ended up at the ER last night

after she fell off the couch, I took her just to be safe. It was scary to see that little angel face fall asleep while taking a cat scan.

Thankfully, she is perfectly fine! We have to see her doctor tomorrow for a 24 hour checkup, but that is just precautionary.

I still can't believe she fell. We have a very large couch and she was in the co-sleeper nest. I thought she was safe, but while I was in the bathroom she wiggled her way out of it. So scary. Only noticeable mark is a small bump on her lip.

Mommy is working on 1 1/2 hours sleep now. Trying to hydrate and get DS worn out enough for a good nap this afternoon.

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So glad that everything checked out fine. That would be very scary. She is a tough little girl!

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Wow! A cat scan! Glad she's OK!

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So glad she's ok. Whew

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Probably a good idea to take her just to be safe. Glad everything looks fine though! Hope you're able to get some rest today/tonight.

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Sad poor both of you! Glad she is ok.

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Glad to hear its all ok!

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Oh my, just seeing this after posting on your other thread. So glad she checked out fine! Those kind of trips are no fun but worth the peace of mind. Hope you're getting some rest.

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Yep, sometimes peace of mind is worth so much more then a night of sleep! I'm glad she's ok, and I hope you have been able to get some rest.

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Thanks ladies! Baby girl is doing well and somehow I survived the day without a nap, but nursing right now and hoping for a good 4 hour sleep Wink

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Glad she's ok! Get some rest mama - they are wiggly crawly little babies for sure!

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So scary!!! Glad she's ok!