Ethan Jacob

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Ethan Jacob

He is an awesome nurser and just a wonderful baby all around. Sry it took so long to post pics. We had an issue with a nurse messing up my pain med and me barely having any pain control which was not fun. So that's why it took so long for me to post.

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Awe he's too cute! Glad he is a good baby so far Smile hope you got the pain meds sorted out, that's not cool!

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So precious! Congrats again! Smile

Sorry to hear there were issues with you're pain meds. That must have been awful! I hope that is all behind you now. :bighug:

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What a gorgeous little guy! Sorry the pain meds got messed up. Sad

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I'm glad it's better now, what a cutie! (Love her shirt btw! Lol)

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He is adorable!! Sorry you had such an issue with your pain control. I am glad you got it all figured out.

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Thank you all.

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He is precious!

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Great pics!!! What a great family and your new LO is just as cute as can be!!!! Smile I'm so sorry to hear about the pain meds... that would be pretty awful.