EWWW L&D visit

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EWWW L&D visit

I was having light green watery discharge with flecks of blood in it. I didn?t think much of it until I saw it again 6 hours later. I called my OB office and the on call Dr. told me to sit for an hour after putting on a clean pad and pay attention to emalyns movements and stand a few times to see if there were any gushes. I had one gush that made the pad fill from about half to going down my leg. Em had moved about 4 times with me prodding her, so he sent me in to L&D in Milwaukee. After getting off the phone with him I sneezed while getting ready and soaked my pants.

When we got there they put me on the monitors and her heartbeat baseline was really low. They put a pulse ox on me to make sure it was me and not her and overall they said that they weren?t too concerned because she was reactive. I am still a bit concerned as it was a base of 115 and it went down to 90 often and only up to 140 a couple times. I may still call about that one.

My bp was 133/85 but they never said anything about that, I personally will be watching it because I did have toxemia pre e with Elora. It could have been because I was concerned too. I did have some dehydration contractions while I was there so they again grilled me to ?drink more? and I just said I will be following my doctors orders on how much because with too much I throw it up anyway. They did make me drink 3 glasses of water while I was there (my stomach hurt all the way home, which we didn't get to till 12:15 am).

After checking me they visually saw that my bag of waters was intact! Score! The tests for it were also negative but I did find I have a yeast infection. That explains the green. They called in a prescription but I don?t know what it is yet and have to follow up with my Dr. but I have my next appointment Monday anyway. I may call her to see her take on the babies tracing and my bp. Whew! Now just to make it 15 days so I don?t need to go to Milwaukee again.

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So happy it wasn't your water, but what was the gushing then?

I agree call about the heartrate, but sounds like she is fine. 15 more days is nothing compared to how long you've been holding out so far. Wink

So sorry you had that scare though!

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So scary but I'm glad all turned out well and you're back home. Hopefully the yeast infection clears up quickly. Isn't there a reason they don't want you to have one when you deliver? Doesn't it have to with baby's eyes or something? I can't remember.

Keep resting and keep that baby in! You're doing great!

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Hope the yeast thing clears up fast. That's no fun. What do they think is leaking if its not your water breaking?

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Sorry I gorgot to say, it's a mix of regular wattery discharge, the yeast infection, and probably pee. Just got off the phone with her and she said they wouldn't have let me go home of there was any concern about ema. I see her Monday anyway for my normal appointment.

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Wow, I'm glad that everything turn out ok. Ema needs to keep baking just a little bit longer!!

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Yikes, glad it wasn't your water breaking and you got to come home. Bummer about the YI though. I'm no expert, but I had pre-e with my first and they told me they worry more about your bottom # than the top one to an extent so I don't think 133/85 would necessarily be alarming. I was told by a nurse (who could have been accurate or not..) that when you are stressed out, it tends to affect the top # more. Anyway, hoping you have a good appt Monday and that she bakes a few more weeks for you!

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Glad it wasn't your water! Yuck for the YI Sad

Keep baking LO!

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That stinks that you had to make another visit to l&d. But sounds like Ema is doing well in there. You have made it to 34 weeks which is amazing! Keep baking baby!