Family pics (LOOK) and a question

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Family pics (LOOK) and a question

Okay, so there is an amateur photographer at our church, and she wanted to set up a little "section" in the back of our church for a few Sundays, so that people could come and get pics done... FOR FREE!! Smile Well, we had ours done this Sunday, and these are the two she posted on her site that we have available to us (she took about 10 shots, but I'm guessing these were what she felt was the best).

My DH thinks we should just send out the one of the kids for our CHristmas cards... he doesn't like how he looks in the one with all of us. Admittedly, it's not his best pic, but I don't think it's terrible either, and I really think we should send one of the whole family. In talking to relatives in the past, they made it very clear that when they receive pics they like "family" pics, not just kid pics.

Anyway, in looking at these pics, which do you think we should use? The whole family, or just the kids? And of course my oldest dd looks totally "put out" in the kid pic!! Blum 3 Maybe we are all a little out of our "element." This is a jeans and tee shirt kind of church, and that's our norm! Smile

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Great pics...and FREE! WOW!!!! I love them! Getting all those kids to look at the camera at once is a feat!

I agree...send out the family picture to all. I'd maybe include one of just the kids to the people you are closest to, like maybe grandparents. I don't know your DH but he looks fine to me. (And by fine I mean FIIIIIINE! Just teasing. Blum 3 )

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I agree with you; I would send the one of the whole family. I don't think your DH looks's a nice pic of all of you. Smile

A little background on why I say that...DH and I moved across state in 2007 and his parents are still back where we are from. When visiting after DS2's birth an older couple (in their 60's) came by to see us and during just chatting the convo of Christmas cards came up. She mentioned how so many youger couples who moved away would send picture cards at Christmas that only have their children included and that she would really like to see the parents too. She talked about how we are the age of her child and all growing up together (this couple was our SS teachers for many years too) that so many of these people are like children to them and they would like to see pictures of them as adults. So anyway, I thought it was interesting to hear the perspective and figured I'd share.

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Lynn, yes, that's exactly what some of my aunts shared with me! Now, I need to convince my DH that he looks good!! Smile

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I say the whole family! You will never have everyone looking perfect in a family photo lol

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"pollo_la" wrote:

Lynn, yes, that's exactly what some of my aunts shared with me! Now, I need to convince my DH that he looks good!! Smile

Tell him all the ladies here think he looks like that. Blum 3

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i like the family picture, granted its not the best for hey its free and you have kids so how perfect can it be

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Id say the whole family but add the kids pic to those who are closest to you. i think you all look great

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I think the pics are great. Especially getting all of them to look at the camera!! It took almost an hour to get my two to get a good Christmas pic!!
As for which to send out, we usually just send a pic of the kids because we usually don't feel like getting all dressed up. Also, who really wants to see me? The kids are definitely cuter. Ha Wink but, if I had family that actually verbalized to me that they would love to see a family pic, I most likely send out a family one instead. We almost did send out a family pic that we had taken in Montana this summer because it really was an awesome pic but I wanted a pic of the kids in their Christmas outfits. So we opted to do that instead. But, overall, if I was in your position I would send the family pic. Tell you DH that he looks fine! Smile

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Great shots! And I agree, go with the whole family shot. Too cute!

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I agree with pp's about the one with the family. It is great!

Great point about not just having kids in the photo. I will definitely remember that next year. Wink

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I like the family one Smile

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Very cute! I usually send cards of just the kids. It is hard to get the four of us looking Christmassy and someone there to take the picture (I need a tripod and remote!). If I had a good picture of the whole family I would use it!

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I like the full family pic!

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I like the whole family pic. I try to do a family pic on our cards but this year Im doing family, DH and I seperate AND DS wearing his going to be big bro shirt (if we could ever get him to put it on to take a pic!

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Family!! Great pics!

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I say definitely go the whole family!