Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Ok, Sandra, fess up. What did you order for Father's Day?

I think we all need to start planning as we might be busy soon.... LOL

My only idea is to take photos of DD, DSD and new baby each holding a letter to spell D-A-D and framing the pics for DH. That seems like it might be a bit of an undertaking this year though. Maybe next? LOL. I need ideas!

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I'm not Sandra but will say that I've already got my DH's FD gift. A t-shirt for our MLS team and a hitch cover for his truck to replace the one that was destroyed when he got rear-ended about a month or so ago.

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Oops, I didn't intend to word it so that I ONLY wanted Sandra to reply. I need ideas, so bombard away!

Ashley - Those sound like great ideas. Is the hitch cover one with words on it?

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Heather was just referring to a recent FB post about how I've done my Father's Day shopping Smile

I got my DH a collection of the original movie screenplays for the Dark Knight Trilogy. My DH is obsessed with the new Batman movies, so I thought he would enjoy that.

My FIL, dad and stepdad are harder buys.......

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Jon's getting the surprise that his best friend is coming to visit for his birthday (in August).