Feeling SO much better! *bonus belly pic :)

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Feeling SO much better! *bonus belly pic :)

Well this little booger has been a handful for me. The morning sickness was horrible, but it seems to be easing up!! So excited to actually keep food down! I just saw the doctor monday for my monthly checkup and I have not gain any weight (surprise, surprise lol). I don't see how that is possible since the baby has really popped out. My doctor tried for a little while to hear the babys heartbeat on the doppler but couldn't find it right away so she whipped in the ultrasound machine!!! Got to see our little one again. It is kind of worrying me that this baby doesn't really move around that much when we saw him/her. My first was always bouncing off the walls lol but we did just eat lunch about an hour before so maybe that was it. Anyways heartbeat is great at 140...which my husband is convinced it is now a boy lol The heartbeat theory has been right for all of the grandkids on his side of the family so everyone is thinking boy for us. We shall see!

Here is a belly pic (as promised) I hope I don't scare any of you with my hugeness lol

And here is our bonus baby peek!

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So glad you are starting to feel better. That first trimester can be such an evil bee-otch! Wink Great pic of your LO...can't wait to find out if your HB theory pans out!

ETA: Forgot to mention, your bump is so cute!

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Aweeee, look at that wee one! I always LOVE these pics!!! Thanks for sharing.

Your bump has popped, hasn't it? Super cute! I'm glad you're feeling better. Phew. Hopefully the worse is over!

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So sweet! I can't wait until my next U/S!

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what a cute bump and baby! I like the heart rate theory bc it puts me at a boy then too!

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The heart rate theory was right for both my kids. Hope it is for you too! Bump is cute and little one is cute!!

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Glad you are feeling better. My worst week was week 10 so it's some better now here too but so ready for it to go. The constant queasiness is awful. Yay for seeing your little baby...I'm sure it's normal that sometimes they are all over the place and quieter at other times. Cute bump too! Smile

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glad your feeling better, and yay for seeing the baby Smile

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I'm so glad to hear things are going well! Smile Great pics (you and baby)!!