First trimester nausea is back...

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First trimester nausea is back...

I started feeling just a tad sick here and there about a month ago. It never really lasted long and I thought it was due to something I ate. Well, the last few days it has been increasing steadily. Now, I pretty much feel sick all the time and it's definitely not anything I'm eating (or not eating). YUCK!! I've had this a little bit in past pregnancies, but not this bad. This sucks!! I know some of you have had MS the whole way through. How on earth are you still standing?

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Sorry it came back. It's miserable and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Mine has calmed down now with the Prilosec but we are in the car right now (two hour drive) and I fell asleep for 20 minutes and now I'm soooo sick. Omg. We still have 85 miles to go and I don't think I can make it without puking.

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Oh no!! Sad

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Crisis averted: stopped and got a milkshake. I think I had low blood sugar. Much better now!

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Also have to add, I think the nausea is worse the more kids you have. Because the more kids you have, the less time you have to be sick. So I don't know how YOU are still standing! It's almost over, at least!!!

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Glad the crisis was averted. Smile Yeah, my nausea has gotten worse with each pregnancy... Usually it sticks to the first tri for the most part though. Thankfully I am almost there. All of mine have been born in the 38-39 week range, so I have maybe 4 weeks max I figure.

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Ick Sad So sorry for you ladies dealing with this!

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I have had a return of the nausea in recent weeks too. Never had it come back near the end with either of my previous two. At least mine is fairly mild compared to what I deal with in the early stages but still not pleasant...I think it contributes to just generally feeling like crud 90% of the time right now. I'm ready to get to 38 wks and then this baby girl can come whenever she wants! Finally hit 34 wks today...yippee! We really are all getting close now. Smile

Sorry you have had a return of the nausea Laurie. Hope it goes away again instead of stickin around to the very end.

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BOO!! I feel like literally nothing sounds good to eat ever and force myself to eat something most of the time, but am not nauseous so I won't complain! Hope it gives you a break Sad

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I had it the whole way through with DD. Thankfully this time around it mostly ended. I do still feel nauseous sometimes in the morning before I eat. And if I'm really tired or hungry I start to get a bit sick feeling too. So rest up and eat often and I hope you feel better!

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I'm still there all the time, I am still on zofran so it helps.

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im not one to puke. im a huge gagger and if gag in the morning to many times then it makes my stomach feel sour for most of the day.. yesterday was not a good day. I gagged brushing my teeth and it put me in a funk all day