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    I got my flu shot and do every year. But I work in an ICU where we are exposed to the flu regularly. I also get my kids vaccinated because I have have seen several kids die from the flu. I agree with PP that it is a personal decision on weather or not you get the vaccine and I don't think either decision is the right or wrong answer. This is just why I have chosen to vaccinate myself and my children.
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    Thank you for all of your input! I am going to chat with DH more about it tonight and see how he feels about it.
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    Just one other thing to think of. The flu shot these past couple of years also contain the swine flu vaccine. Many people don't know this. I personally (and based on research) think that the swine flu vaccine is even more dangerous for pregnant women. I have never gotten the flu vaccine. I don't think vaccinating is very safe (for all the reasons Laurie listed) especially for pregnant women. If you are in a situation where you are highly exposed is also a big factor. There are definitely a lot of cases going around. We've definitely limited going out to playgroups and such to keep us both away from sickies.
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