Flu Shots

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Flu Shots

At my last appointment, my doctor told me I really should get a flu shot. I told her that I have never had the flu nor a flu shot. She was really nice and honest and said it was my decision. BTDT mommies, what are your thoughts?

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I get it yearly and I got mine in December. There's a major outbreak right now and I would say get it especially if you work with the public.. etc.

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I'd rather have the flu, then the side effects of the vaccine. Anytime you get any vaccine, your immune system will be suppressed for the couple weeks following the vaccine (while to fight off the viruses you were vaccinated for). During that time you may feel slightly weak or sicker than usual, AND you are more likely to pick up any other illnesses that are going around in your area because your immune system is not top noch. And these are only the immediate side effects of the vaccine... So yeah, I'd rather just take my chances and actually get the flu if it comes to that. I think I have had the flu once or twice in my life. It's very much like a cold only with a high fever and some aches for a few days. If someone in my home had a weakened immune system I would consider getting it, but that's not the case for us. I'm not anti vaccine, but there are risks involved anytime you get a vaccine. So for me personally, this is just not one that I'm going to do.

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I just got my flu shot a couple days ago because I heard there are alot of cases of it going around. The flu is really nasty to have and if it gets to serious it can harm your baby so I'd rather have to flu shot then the flu, plus I have a kid in school that could bring it home so I am not chancing it.
I didn't have any symptoms from the flu shot and they give a very specific dose just for pregnant women.

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i've never had a flu shot as well but the dr did advice me to get it this time around. DS has been since and started preschool this year so i took the chance to get it, there has been 18 cases of deaths due to the flu and 300ish cases of the flu just an hour from where i live so im kinda of glad i got it, they gave me the non mercury kind

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It's such a personal decision. I have never gotten one, or had my kids get them. I work in schools, and feel like I have a fairly good immune system. I am not sure how I feel about vaccines while pregnant. Something is causing autism/aspergers and I'd rather not chance exposing my kids to something that may or may not affect us. I just bought some elderberry syrup which has shown to help out with sickness.

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It's not just autism. If you do the research... something is causing auto immune disorders, asthma, arthritis, MS, and a whole host of crap. I'm not saying vaccines are to blame in whole for these, BUT as the amount of vaccines have been increasing yearly, so have the percentages of these diseases.

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I immunize my kids on schedule with all regular vaccinations but I have never done flu shots for them or myself. Totally a personal decision.

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I am with Sandra, my kids have had all of their recommended immunizations,but have never had the flu shot. I am glad my two are out of the stage where they have to get so many. The first thing my Dr. asked when he came in the room today was if I had had mine. Which I said no, but he highly recommended getting one. I don't thing I will. I have only had one my whole life.

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I have not had one myself, mostly because I haven't been asked and am on the fence whether I want one. I've never gotten a flu shot in my life. I did have my kids immunized this year, but only because the last two years we've had a lot of bad strains in our area and my pedi strongly advised it with my DD being in school. She had two kids close to my kids ages, and is very open minded, so if she is pushing it I trust her. It hasn't really affected either of my kids when they've gotten it.

If my OB pushes it, I'll consider getting one myself, but being in the throws of a terrible head cold right now I'm not dying to have any more sickness any time soon. He's never asked me about getting one before (being pregnant over "flu season" twice before) so I'd think if he asks, he has seen a lot of it going around. On a side note, I got some random flu when I was pg with #1 in mid-summer and thought I was going to die, then stomach flu when I was pg with #2 and threw up to the point of thinking I was going to m/c (was only about 6 1/2 weeks)...so what are the odds another bad one will get me this time too? Wink

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I got my flu shot and do every year. But I work in an ICU where we are exposed to the flu regularly. I also get my kids vaccinated because I have have seen several kids die from the flu. I agree with PP that it is a personal decision on weather or not you get the vaccine and I don't think either decision is the right or wrong answer. This is just why I have chosen to vaccinate myself and my children.

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Thank you for all of your input! I am going to chat with DH more about it tonight and see how he feels about it.

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Just one other thing to think of. The flu shot these past couple of years also contain the swine flu vaccine. Many people don't know this. I personally (and based on research) think that the swine flu vaccine is even more dangerous for pregnant women. I have never gotten the flu vaccine. I don't think vaccinating is very safe (for all the reasons Laurie listed) especially for pregnant women. If you are in a situation where you are highly exposed is also a big factor. There are definitely a lot of cases going around. We've definitely limited going out to playgroups and such to keep us both away from sickies.