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Is anyone feeling any flutters yet? I swear I have felt them a few times on the lower right side where I Doppler the baby's heart beat. Maybe I'm imagining it?!?

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I thought I felt something odd this morning in bed but I tried to tell myself it was just gas...although it didn't feel like it. Blum 3

They say you feel it earlier the second/third + time around. The first time I didn't feel DD until 18 weeks!

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Nothing here. Exciting possibility though Smile

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Nothing here. I felt it really, really early with DD though, so hoping for the same this time! Biggrin

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I had flutters at 13w2d, so exciting Smile So you never know!

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I have felt something that I thought were flutters a few times, but I figured I was far too early and baby was way too small. But I guess I could be wrong.

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I felt it at 17 weeks with my first, 15.5 with my second, 17 with my third and fourth, and 18 with my 5th. The interesting thing is that it has correlated with the size of my babies!! All the ones that I felt at 17 weeks were mid 7 pound range. The one that I felt at 15 weeks was over 8 pounds. The one that I didn't feel until 18 weeks was only a little peanut at 5 and a half pounds. Anyway, I'm not expecting to feel anything until probably around 16 weeks at the earliest. That being said, I do know women who have felt something as early as 12 or 13 weeks. I think 9 is probably early though.

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That would be cool! It does seem a bit early, but anything is possible. My last pregnancy I felt baby sometime around 11 weeks. It was pretty cool!

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my placenta was in the front with DS so i felt no flutters and i only felt him kick at 20 weeks. so im hoping this time around i get to feel that

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I agree with Laurie that it's probably too early. I felt at 16 weeks, and I know my SIL with her second felt at 13 or so weeks. But I've never heard anything before 12. But it is exciting that we're coming up to it soon!

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I'm sure it's probably just gas. I definitely felt both kids by 12 weeks. I'm looking forward! Smile