formula fed babies

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formula fed babies

how many ounces a day is your little one drinking i dont feel like she is drinking enough, i barely can get her to eat 20 oz a day some bottles we have 5oz others are 4 and sometimes 3

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From what I've read, (obviously every baby is different) for a baby aged 2-6 months, anywhere from 23 oz to 33 oz a day is "normal". Sounds like she's on the tail end of that. Does she seem content with what she is getting? Bring it up to her pedi if you are really concerned.

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pedi wasnt happy about how much she is drinking she did say she is gaining weight beautifully considering how much she is drinking. im wondering if its because she gets cereal in her formula. we were giving her 1 tsp for every ounce and now i've cut down to 3 tsp on a 5 oz bottle and yesterday i tried eliminating the cereal and she choked again, so it looks like i need the cereal (which is why she is on it in the first place) we're back to feeding her 5x's a day instead of 4 in hopes we can get her ounces up yesterday with feeding her 5x's she still only drank 20 oz.

she stops on her own and when she stops thats it she'll stick her tongue out and spit the milk right out

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My chunker probably isn't a great example but he eats 8 oz if not larger bottles at a time. He's over 30 oz a day

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We are EBM, but mostly bottles now. My pedi said to offer up to half their weight in oz. She takes anywhere from 4-6oz a feeding. If she doesn't drink it right away, we put it aside and offer it about 30 mins later.

She ususally finishes 4-5 6 oz bottles a day. If I breast feed her its usually only 4- 6oz bottles.

As long as she is gaining and doesn't seem hungry I wouldn't worry too much.