Freaking out *update*

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Freaking out *update*

So I just had some pinkish blood. I'm freaked. U/s already scheduled for Monday. Would you just wait until then unless it gets worse???

5:46pm - nothing since that first incident. I think/hope I just did too much. Going to take it easy this weekend, relax as much as I can with two toddlers!

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Hi Mel! So I'm totally following you! Smile Had you DTD lately? Any "over doing it" with activities? I've heard that can cause some irritation. Sad I'd try and take it easy today. I know that is easy said then done with LOs running around.

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I would be freaking too. Not sure what I'd do but here's a hug!! I'd probably call my doc but I know him from previous pregnancy so it wouldn't feel weird and I already trust him, and just ask what he thinks.

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You are too cute Carolyn!

I think I'll wait it out a bit. I did overdo it yesterday. Trick or treating for 1.5 hours walking around. I was exhausted after. Hopefully everything is fine!

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Oh man, so scary. It sounds like it might just be irritation from doing too much. I felt a little stiff this morning so I think I over-did it too. Perhaps just keep an eye on things this morning and take it easy.

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i know its a scary thing, you already have an U/S scheduled for monday i would just take it easy and wait until then.

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I had a few episodes of that. Went to the fair and walked and walked.. the next morning I had pinkish blood. Then another weekend same thing happened with helping with a baby shower. Take it easy and drink lots of water!

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It doesn't hurt to put a call into your doc, just to keep them updated. In my case, anytime I have any kind of bleeding after about 6 weeks on, I have to let my doc know so I can get a Rohgam shot (I'm RH-).

Anyway, it sound like you just over did it!! Definitely drink lots of water and rest as much as you can.

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((hugs)) that is scary!!! But it does sound like it could be from overdoing it. I hope it stops. Please KUP.

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I agree with everyone. Rest and drink water! I would also call my doc just so they know what is going on.

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I totally agree with everyone else. Get some rest and call your doc. I'm sure it's fine but better to let him know. Feel better! (((Hugs)))