Friday Photos!!!! (Jan 11)

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Friday Photos!!!! (Jan 11)

As a spin-off from the babywearing thread....let's share babywearing pics today! It can be you babywearing, hubby babywearing or even an older child! Share away!

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Elora 1 month old. first time in the moby

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Here is one of DH with Ellie about a month ago...

This one was about 2 years ago when Ellie was around 7 months old...

Ellie was around 20 months in this pic...

For some reason I seem to have a lot of pics of Ellie in the carrier!!

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I didn't take many pictures of me babywearing but I love to see babywearing! so so sweet!

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Ok, I had trouble only picking a couple. Blum 3

DD's first time in the cuddly wrap (like moby wrap). I think she was maybe a week old? I look tired!

In the snuggly (before we knew better) at her second Olympic hockey game. I think she was 4 weeks.

Going for a sleepy walk with mommy in the sling. She loved the fabric next to her was all wet!

At the beach with daddy.

Having a boat nap in the cuddly wrap.

Going for a hike with daddy in the ergo. She was 2.5 here.

Here I didn't think I had a lot of baby wearing pics...but turns out I do. I plan on wearing #2 more than I bet there will be loads!

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lucas about three days old. Smile

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I don't have many photos - here is a selfie of Emerson in the Boba on my back, walking DD home from school.

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I wore DD in a sling a TON but could only find this pic:

DD riding in the Infantino front2back on DH:

I don't have any of DS already in PB and am too lazy to go find one and upload it. I mostly wore him in the Moby then he got too wiggly and hated being worn.

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LMAO, we took DD to the mall today and DH decided he isn't getting his money's worth from the Ergo so he bought it. DD was so excited to go in! She turns 3 in two weeks! HA HA! It was awesome. We had to go to like 10 stores looking for ballet slippers for her and it was SO fast with her in the Ergo. She was so happy back there. She stayed in until the end when we let her play in the toy dept of Walmart. Blum 3 Here they are!