Friday Photos!!!! (Jan 25)

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Friday Photos!!!! (Jan 25)

Let's share pics of our pets today! If you don't currently have a pet (like me) maybe share a past pet. Biggrin

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 photo tora_zpsd3520746.jpg

our cat Tora, it means Tiger

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We had a doggie about 6 years ago. We had her from August 2006 to August 2008. This is Sidney. She was a very good doggie but we had an incident when DD was 12 months old - she scratched her scalp and down her cheek/face and left some bad scars. We took Sidney back to the Humane Society where we got her from and she was adopted by another family. My DH misses her all the time! She was always really patient with DD until that one day.

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This is our little Molly. She is a 8 or 9 year old Bichon (we think). I found her on the streets and couldn't find her owner in 2006 so we adopted her. She has been a great dog but I worry about her "leave me alone" attitude when the LO gets a little older. She has gotten a little snappy (never has bitten) when you tug on her ears or generally get in her way. We will just have to watch it very closely.


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We currently have no pet, but I've had two dogs in my adult-hood.

Griffin was my dalmatian. He was such a sweet, loving boy. He only lived to be 5 due to cancer and other problems. Poor guy.

I also had a lab cross named Bayleigh. I got her when I was 19 and she lived with me for 14 years! She was my buddy. I sadly had to put her down when I was 6 months pg with DD. She was 14 and her body was failing her. My poor sweet girl. She will be forever in my heart. Not the friendliest towards strangers but SO SO smart!

I made her pose by the snow! LOL.

I miss my doggies so much. One day we'll get another...but we're focusing on real babies right now. Smile

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My current pup is an almost 8 year old Pug named Brutus. DH & I got him while we were dating together. He's in my avatar as well. He was a wild, totally out-of-control dog for the first 4 years or so and then mellowed out greatly and is sooo amazing with our kids and just lets them torture him if they can get away with it before I notice. He is almost completely deaf.

Also have owned an English Bulldog who only lived to 2.5 due to heart failure..

A Boston Terrier who died of unknown causes at 3.5 (excuse the quality, taking pictures of pictures)..

And a Boxer mix who was hit by a car when she was 11 (a family member was watching her at their ranch...really random freak incident as there is next to no traffic), can't find a picture of her. Have owned 2 horses as well as a kid, but both have passed away.

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Cute animals!

I got a new computer after Christmas, so I have basically no pictures on here. I will have to get out my external hard drive and get some of my pics on here.