Friday Photos!!!! (Nov 16)

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Friday Photos!!!! (Nov 16)

Following last week's belly pics...I think it would be only fitting to share pic(s) of our newborn(s) today!!!!!! Yay newbies!!!! Smile

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The day he was born & 1 month old

3 months old & 4 months

5 months & 6 months

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Yeah!!! Love seeing newborn pics!

Here is baby boy, #5, just a couple hours after birth.

Here is Elliana, #4, at 1 or 2 weeks old.

Here is Nadia, #3, a few hours after birth.

Here is Sophie, #2, when she was around 3 weeks old.

I didn't set up my photobucket account until my oldest was 5 months old... so here is one of Odessa, #1, when she was 5 months.

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I'm a professional photo junkie so here are their newborn pictures from about 1.5 weeks old...


DS (can you believe all that hair?? And he's a toehead now, go figure!)

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I'm adoring all these photos!!!! I can't wait to see which newbies look like their siblings!

Here's my little gal, Kennedy:

1 day old:

A couple days old:

1 month!

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Sorry, these may be huge! I can't get photobucket to cooperate, as usual!!

Emily 6/26/01 A couple of months old:

Cody 3/23/04 in the hospital:

Malia 2/20/11 in the hospital:

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Oh my gosh so cute loving these!

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Adorable babies girls!!

A quick Photobucket tip for those with resizing issues...after you resize it in the Edit screen, save a copy instead of replacing. The copy will be sized right (or at least had worked every time for me).

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Photobucket Photobucket
DS- 6 days old and 1 month old

DS- 6 months old

Photobucket Photobucket
DD- 3 days old and DS- 20 months, this is my favorite of my two babies! DD- 4 days old

DD- 6 months old

I could just go on and on sharing pictures of my kiddos, especially when they were babies!
Everyone else had beautiful babies too!

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Baby #3 - that's right, it says 9 lbs 12 oz!

2 days old

First day home from the hospital

I'll find my other babies tomorrow Smile

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First day

First day home

First week, he fell asleep on Mimi with is blanket. My favorite picture!

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Love all the babies...beautiful!

Here's Colin a few days old in the NICU...DH says this is his iron man look:

So tiny!

Me holding him...I think this was about 2or 3 days old if I remember correctly:

This is 6 ish weeks old taken just a few days from his EDD:

Here's Ryne, moments old:

Evening he was born:

Meeting big brother:

Ready to go home:

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I thought I was editing my previous post but somehow I quoted it in a new post :rolleyes: I was trying to add the edit below

ETA: just thought I'd share, DS1 was 4 lbs 12 oz at birth. DS2 was 7 lbs 4 oz.

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Elora just born (still attached)

One day old

Going home

three days old

Elora was born 5lbs 6.7oz and got down to 4lbs 12oz

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I LOVE all these pictures!! So precious