Friday Photos!!!! (Oct 26)

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Friday Photos!!!! (Oct 26)

It's rainy and dreary here I'm dreaming of a vacation. Post a pic of your DREAM vacation destination (feel free to use google images for this one). If you've already been to your dream destination, feel free to post a real pic!

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I've always wanted to go to Greece. Santorini to be exact. There's just something about it's beauty that I'm drawn to. Ahhhhh....One day...


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There are so many places I want to go.

Machu Picchu I at the top of my list, I am big on ancient history and theories, Giza Pyramids, Nazca lines, things they can't really explain how they built so large for the level of development that civilization was supposedly at. Great fun for me.

Where ever this is, I also like just being outside in the quiet away from everything, the further the better.

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My favorite place I've been is the Atlantis Resort in Nassau...we went for our honeymoon 6.5 years ago and have stopped there on a cruise one time since. We plan to go again for our 10 year and I CAN'T WAIT!

I really want to go to Rome and see the history. DH is so not into it but one day I'm sure we will..

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Oooh, I LOVED Rome! My favorite stop on my tour of Europe!!!

Machu Picchu is on my list too. My friend went there and I was SO envious.

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as far as tropical locations i have always wanted to go to fiji but dont know why.

having lived in London for 6 month, i was able to visit 14 countries which was amazing. i loved Ireland and Switzerland the most, i think. i guess they were all pretty amazing tho. next time im in Europe i want to go to Rome and Grease tho.

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Im a little late. but I was busy yesterday . These are 2 of my pics from our trip pre-DS Riviera Maya! loved it!