Frustration and ultrasound today

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Frustration and ultrasound today

Had my sizing ultrasound today. Nice to see the baby, she's definitely a girl, hb of 131.

She's in an odd position, diagonal from my upper right to lower left and in a dive position (touching her toes). Explains why I only feel her low.

Frustrating because they told me nothing! Even though it is at my ob, it's a company. So her results need to be looked over then sent back to my doctor. Will be at least 3 days, which means after Monday. So frustrated!

Called about my GD test and got the 'no news is good news' from the nurse. Argh! I never have these issues there

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Glad you got to see baby and she's still a she. Wink sorry you got frustrated with the lack of info though. I'm easily frustrated most of the time now so I would have been too.

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That's the same position my baby was in yesterday, except the feet weren't at the face. How could your head be comfortable in my hip? LOL

I'm sorry that you're feeling frustrated with the communication. That's how it is here, u/s techs can't really tell us anything at all. I think they've told me heart rate before but that's about it. I still don't know baby was measuring at my 20 week u/s...then, I never asked. Anyways, ya, it's annoying. *hugs*

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Glad you got to see her - I'm so jealous of all of you with 3rd trimester ultrasounds! Bummer the tech couldn't give you any info but hopefully the doc will give you a full run down Monday!

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I guess I understand why they can't say anything, but I got spoiled with the last two ultrasounds at the high-risk dr because they tell you everything right there.

I'll be calling on monday Wink

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yeah my high risk dr is awesome about keeping me informed. i also look at the measurements as they are doing them (lower right corner of my screen shows the weeks of each measurement) im sure that drives them insane because i keep saying o whew thats almost right on, or that is even more behind the whole time. lol o well. I hope you get answers monday!