Gah! How stupid am I?

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Gah! How stupid am I?

So I was trying to think when my next appointment will be, as I'm coming up to 16 weeks. I couldn't remember if I get one at 16 weeks or not (you wouldn't think I'd done this 3 times before, I forget everything!). So I mentioned it to my husband and he says, well did you ring them like you were meant to? Huh?

OH YEAH! At my last appointment I was told because of Christmas, they wouldn't make me an appointment right then and I'd have to ring up between Christmas and New Year to make one. DUH! I forgot!! So I will ring them tomorrow and hopefully I can get in this week.

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Oops! I always like to "stretch" my earlier appointments out as long as possible anyway.

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HA HA, that's so funny. Pregnancy brain is REALLY getting me these frustrating!

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LOL, I totally did the same thing. Had an appt on December 12th and forgot to book my next one. I finally called on January 2nd and booked it!

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It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one!

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I rang up this morning (I'm a few hours ahead of most of you on here) and have an appointment for Thursday.

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We all forget things sometimes. I know I certainly do! Glad you were able to get an appointment quickly!

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Lol! My Dr moved over Christmas break and I went to the old office first. I called them and blamed pregnant brain and they let me come anyways. Sigh!!

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[RIGHT][/RIGHT]Don't worry, I've forgotten to take my DD to gymnastics not once, not twice, but THREE flippin' times this pregnancy! Glad they could get you in this week anyway.