Getting a cold

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Getting a cold

Both my boys were sick then my husband started getting it, I thought it would pass me by. But nope now I am getting sick Sad I am so nervous its going to mess with my o this month. Hopefully not. I don't even feel like dtd now bc my throat is hurting so bad and my body is aching. Such crap timing.

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That sucks:( Tis the season. get a spoonful of honey and let it slide down your throat, its should help some. Hope you get better.

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Sorry to hear you're feeling yucky. Hopefully the worst of it will pass before you O.

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Sorry. Sad I have a cold too. It's yuck!

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UGH! That so sucks. As soon as the kids go back to school...BAM it hits us. I had a sore throat and runny nose for O time this cycle and it wasn't too bad. I hope you can gather some strength to dtd!!!