Getting excited!

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Getting excited!

Starting tomorrow I no longer have to take terbutaline if contractions pick up. Tuesday I am 37 weeks and that means I'm totally released from bedrest Smile also DD made her appearance on 37weeks and DS had his on 37weeks 2days. So it is very possible that Ethan may decide to arrive this week also. This pregnancy has flown by!

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Must feel so nice to be at that point! Hooray!!!

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Yay for getting so close and being able to stop meds! Double yay for being off bed rest!! Can't wait to see how this next week goes for you. I'm over a week past my latest delivery now and excited to see when this one will come but no major signs for me right now.

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YAY for making it to 37 weeks! You're rockin' it! I bet going off bed rest will be a HUGE relief.

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Great news!! I guess it shouldn't be much longer and we will all be hearing about the birth! Smile

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Congrats on hitting your milestone Yahoo

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Congrats! He exciting we could great Ethan so soon.