Getting on my nerves...

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Getting on my nerves...

I hate it when the whole world seems to get on my nerves. I often feel like I should just go to bed when that happens. LOL.

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Sleep usually fixes that issue for me, or yelling at them, but sleep sounds easier.

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When I start getting on my own nerves, then I know it's really time to go to bed! Smile

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omg i so felt like that yesterday...

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lol! Yup, me too!

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Ugh. So irritable. I hate being a grump.

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Hmmm that is how I've felt for the past month or so. Maybe I should sleep until the baby comes Wink Seriously though, this whole pregnancy has messed with my hormones and I've been way more moody than normal. I feel bad for my family sometimes.

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one! LOL.

One of the main things that bugged me is I posted on my local mom swap & shop asking if there were sibling classes. A friend tried to be helpful and offer me advice on how to prepare DD. Advice for a total idiot! Like I didn't know I should talk to her about baby and let her help get stuff ready and blah blah blah. Am I a 17 year old bimbo? No! Also, she mentioned several times about telling her son they were getting his 'new best friend'. What a load of cr@p! I'm not lying to my kid. My brother is a big f-up and I'm pretty much writing him out of my life. Best friend he is NOT!

Anyways, I resisted replying and went to bed instead. If you can't say anything nice....

Then this morning DH had to take a work call right when we were getting DD ready for I did her lunch, dressing her, doing braids in her hair, brushing her teeth...everything. The only thing he did was sunscreen. He normally does half of the stuff and all the bending and twisting is hard on me! So, ya, that got me pissed this morning too. Sad

DH is making us hot dogs right now so that might help. I also went to the thrift store on my way home and got DD some $4 Children's Place capris with adjustable waist.