Getting very uncomfortable

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Getting very uncomfortable

Lots of small contractions this morning. Lots but they aren't terribly painful, just frequent. I was up the entire night while my body cleaned itself out. That was super fun. I was apparently more backed up than I had thought, but not anymore!

we will see where this day leads. Going on two weeks of dilating and contracting so I'm really just ready now!

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Oh man! Sorry for the terrible night. Sad Have you tried walking to get the contractions to strengthen? I hope it's soon for you!

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Sure hope thing progress for you and that you can get some rest. I didn't sleep good last night either and just feel icky.

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Ah, cleaning out is a good sign that your body is getting one step farther into "starting labor." You may not have felt the best last night, but I bet you feel a whole lot better now!!

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:goodluck: I hope this is things getting rolling for you!!