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The Girls 2.0 boobs are FINALLY starting to feel a bit bigger! I was sort of confused as to why they were so saggy and pathetic still, usually they plump up right away when I am pregnant. Anyways, just the last few days they have seemed 'fuller' and a little painful sometimes.

Maybe they were so depleted before because I really had lost that extra 10 lbs that I didn't realize before I got pregnant? I guess when you lose weight it comes off all over.

So, thought I'd revisit the topic to let you know all hope is not lost for my sad ladies in waiting.

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WTG to your boobs for figuring out it was time to fill out :thewave:

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Happy boob day! LOL. Mine seem to go through phases where they're firmer or not...but they're always MUCH bigger. Blum 3

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Mine were the same - took a little longer to fill out this time around.

Also - I love the selection of smilies on My favorite has always been the ::yahoo:: one.

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Haha. Glad you haven't lost hope on the ladies Wink

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I've had some more perkiness, that was much needed, since getting pregnant but they have been even more so the last weekish. I'm happy while it lasts but I know in the not too distant future they'll be in a forever sad state. Insert the Lucy wah!! here

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Mine have been feeling a little firmer, and I swear the other day they leaked a little....

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NO LEAKING! I'm so not ready for that! Sad

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