Great flea market find this weekend! :-) (OT)

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Great flea market find this weekend! :-) (OT)

Well, I have been looking for a white dresser for my girls' bedroom for a couple months now. I hit the jackpot this weekend. Not only did I find the perfect dresser, but of course I had to get the matching desk as well... it was more then I wanted to pay ($220 for the set), BUT, for what it was it was a good deal.

And the reason we bought it was so they would have a place to store their doll stuff, and display their dolls...

Anyway, I was excited and wanted to share! I know lots of us are doing room prep for our big kids as much as for our babies right now!

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So cute!

I need to get my kids another dresser too. DD and DS1 share one right now, and it only has 4 drawers. If all their clothes are clean, they don't even fit in the drawers. Maybe that is why I am behind on laundry....subconsciously....

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Oh wow! That is amazing and gorgeous. I know I like to pay less for things but sometimes it's worth paying a little more for what you want and the quality you want. I think it looks great!

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Sandra... I'm sure that is the reason you are behind! Wink We don't even do dressers for clothes. We do bins! It's amazing how much a bin can hold... as much as 3-4 dresser drawers. I know because I use to use dressers. Smile

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That's cute!

I need to get DD a headboard, she has only needed one for about a year now! She also needs a dresser, the one she is using matches our baby furniture.

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So cute - love it!

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Love them!

I got el an armor right before i was put on bed rest. Now not only did it not get put together but her clothes live on our dinning room table. We just don't go upstairs right now Sad I had trouble with dressers with her, first one i kept finding spiders in and in her clothes. then i got an armor from DH's aunt and uncle, I loved the space for clothes but hated the smoke smell. i spent 4 long months cleaning it and trying to get the smell out. Finally felt comfortable putting her clothes in it and a week later noticed they smelled like smoke. o well. so i bought one. It has 3 shelves and 2 drawers below.

Sorry for the rant.