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Pain got strong enough again last evening/night for a good 6-7 hours that I thought for sure I wouldn't get through the night. Then I took a shower and things calmed down a bit. I fell asleep and slept on and off all night. Now they are picking up again but seriously, I no longer have any hope that this kid is coming out despite all this uterus activity. I'm going to end up induced at 42 weeks. I've had the most miserable pregnancy so hey why not make it last on and on and on?

I've tried so hard for so long to keep my spirits up despite feeling so cruddy. Especially with Jon and the kids. But I can't even talk to them without snapping or yelling right now. I'm still super nauseous all the time, too. This is just not ok anymore.

Sprry... I know end of pregnancy isn't fun for anyone and we are all (or were ) dealing with aches and pains. I just needed to let out a little cyber-scream of frustration!

now I'm headed to church to teach a class of 20 three year olds and I don't have assistants other than Jon. So I'm kinda praying the stress of that finally pushes me over the edge.

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Hang in there Momma. I feel so bad that you are not feeling well. I hope it turns inton the real thing sooner vs later

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HUGS! I totally understand how you are feeling! I hope that teaching the large group sends you into full on labor! I have been feeling the same way. snapping at everything, everything irritates me... I feel like I had more chance of having this baby 2 weeks ago than I do now. and Im praying I dont go overdue... btu that means he's got like 4 days to make up his mind. I wake up in excruciating pain, between being swollen and just crampy...but then NOTHING. Hang in there!!!

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Well, I can totally relate with the snapping thing!! It happens to me at the end of EVERY pregnancy, so at least I knew it was coming. Then I typically still snap for about 3-4 weeks after birth... then my hormones regulate, and I return to a "mostly normal" state. ANyway, I can only imagine that things are probably so much worse for you though with the hormone's AND the physical discomfort. I think I'll take hormones any day over physical discomfort!!! Really, I'm thinking you have a week or two tops (although, at this point that probably still sounds like an eternity!). I know with all the contractions you really thought things would happen sooner... unfortunately already having had a couple pregnancies your body behaves VERY differently with later ones. I had virtually no contractions with my first two, but had them continually for weeks with my third. :bighug: There really is an end in sight though. Praying it comes sooner then later for you!!!!!!

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I hope it ends soon and u get to meet mr. Oliver shortly.

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Thanks for letting me whine. Smile

We walked the zoo for two whole hours today and my contractions stopped completely. Go figure. The zoo is all hills, too.

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Of course!! Boo. The off and on contractions are making me crazy. I am having them every night. Happened with M and them went so fast I barely made it to the hospital. It's like my body loves to "cry wolf."