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Thread: Gtky question...

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    Default Gtky question...


    Who wants singletons?

    Who wants multiples?

    Which gender/s (assuming, healthy and happy is covered)?
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    I'd like a single baby - no preference on gender! I'm afraid I'm having multiples - but I find out today at my first u/s!
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    Definitely just want a singleton and we only saw one on the u/s two weeks ago. I have 2 DS's so I would like a girl this time but I won't be hung up on it if I get another son.

    Good luck today Mel! I'll be watching for your update. Fingers crossed for just one.
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    would like a single, but am fearing multiples. Actually, I wouldn't mind twins, but it just doesn't work out for us financially. I would have to quit work if we did and DH doesn't make enough for me to be SAHM, but we will cross that bridge if we need to.

    I am hoping for a girl, but if we don't have a girl, then we might be going for a family of five in a few years
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    Singleton, and I'm sure it is! I used to think I wanted twins but not so much anymore. Everyone is talking about how they hope I have a girl and it's kind of annoying. Like I"m afraid I will disappoint everyone if it's a boy. For that reason I guess I hope it's a girl, so there's not a ton more pressure with #3 (the last). But I wouldn't mind if it was another boy. Boys are so much fun!

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    I want just one... and I know it's just one!! Hoping for a boy!
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    It would be hard but I would be ok with twins, but I don't think it is twins. DS wants a sister, DH wants a boy (because girls scare him), I would like a girl but would be ok if this is a boy because I know DH wants to go for more.

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    def only want singleton and i'd love to have a girl but if i get another boy i'd be happy as well
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    Singleton please! Before having DD I thought twins would be 'fun'. Now that I've had one...I know that twins would be INSANE!!! We did only see one on our 7w u/s, so hopefully it stays that way.

    As for sex, I'm fine either way. I always wanted 1 girl and I have her. Whatever we have next is fine by me. Another girl would be fun because it would save us LOTS of money and I always wanted a sister, so I'd get to watch my girls grow up together. A boy would be good too as it would be a new experience for both DH and I. DH has a daughter from a previous relationship and was also 'dad' to her older half sister (not DH's bio child). So DH has been through 3 girls now. I'm sure a boy would be new and fun for both of us.

    So ya, because I'm happy with either, we aren't going to find out the sex until birth!
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    I know twins run in the family and would be happy with either single or multiples. My in laws only want a singleton. DH wants a boy but we will be happy with whatever we get We will be having plenty more to try for a boy
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