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Possibly the greatest photo I have ever taken.

I was just sitting at the computer feeling how soft my belly button skin is. LOL. Then I thought perhaps I'd take a pic of how popped out it is. Hilarity ensued.

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HA HA HA! That's awesome! Thanks for the giggle. You're SO round. Biggrin

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ROFL Best. Pic. Ever. ROFL

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Wow love it

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Love it! Your belly is so perfectly round Smile

ETA: My belly button looks like that too. Been popped for a while now...if only it meant we are done! Wink

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I love it Biggrin It's perfect and round!! TFS.

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THat is awesome!! It's like a perfectly roung beachball in your bellyl Wink

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Lol!! That is awesome!!

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I think u can see the spine to the right of your belly button...(your left side). Is that what it is?