Had My 14 Week Appointment

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Had My 14 Week Appointment

It was the basic weight check, b/p check and piac...all looked good. Doc tried for a few minutes to get the h/b on the doppler with no luck. He assured me he didn't think anything was wrong, that he could get baby for just a moment and could tell he/she was just running away. So he got me in for a quick u/s just to be sure and we saw baby wriggling around and measuring right on track with a heartrate of 151 bpm. Yahoo

I am scheduled for the big u/s on my next visit at 18 wks. Yay!! I'm really getting excited now...if only this "all the time" nausea would go away. Hope the next 2 weeks is a nice distraction with so much going on and I won't have to work much. I'll be 16 wks then and really expect to start having some improvement with this m/s. Anyone else still struggling with it?

Here's a pic Biggrin

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(((Lynn))) I'm so glad you a had a great appt!! Look at that cute baby!!

And uh, I still struggle with m/s. *sigh*

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Bebe!!!!!! So fun that you got to sneak a peek!!

I really hope your nausea clears up, how annoying. I hope it clears up soon and you aren't stuck with nausea for much longer.

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How cool that you got a quick ultrasound! My morning sickness has finally completely cleared away in the last couple days. I'm sorry to hear you're still struggling with yours. That is especially annoying with the holidays and all the good food around. I hope yours is soon on its way out too.

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Cute pic! Glad things looked great. Sorry you are still suffering with m/s Sad

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Aweeee, super cute wee one!

I more have indigestion than ms but it SUCKS. Sad

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Glad that went and looked well!

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yay for an awesome pic! i too am still battling m/s and I am still on zofran.

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Cute baby pic! My m/s has gone away for the most part. Hope you get some relief soon!

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Yea for a quick peak! I'm kinda hoping the same thing happens to me. Smile

I'm still unbearably sick. Zofran 4-5 times a day just to function. Barely. With #1 it never eased up until weeks after she was born. With #2 relief didn't come until well after 20 weeks and came back full force the last six weeks or so from what I remember. Thankfully with the Zofran I am not puking! I've only thrown up maybe 3 times. I just feel cruddy all the time.

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Yay for a great appt!!! I hope the next couple of weeks flies by for you!

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Aww how awesome! what a cutie!

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With DD, m/s never cleared up. But this time around, it wasn't quite as bad, and it's cleared up for the most part. Just a bit nauseous some mornings when I first wake up, and if I eat too much. Still struggling with the exhaustion - but having more good days than bad now - so that's heading in a good direction. It really started to clear in the last week or two - so that's exactly what you're hopefully heading into!! I hope you get relief now too!

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I hope your holidays are very special and that things calm down for you soon!

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Thanks everyone!
So sorry for those who are still having trouble with m/s. But happy for those who are feeling better Smile It really is debilitating when you have it bad, I wish none of us had to go through it. :bighug: