Had my uterine lining scan today.....

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Had my uterine lining scan today.....

I'm 5 dpo (cd 18) and my lining was described as normal and equable or some other word meaning uniformly lined with no abnormal areas. It measured 11 mm which my MW said was a really good thickness. My uterus is just perfect for a blastocyst to implant she said. My ovaries looked really good too I think the left looked like it produced the egg. So crossing my fingers one is getting ready to implant any day now. I am happy that my lining looked good bc I'd had some light periods. I discussed clomid with her knowing she would try to talk me out of it at first since she prefers to use as little meds as possible in any situation and since we are pretty sure I O'ing on my own. She really doesnt think I need it but I'm 35 and this is our 6th cycle since losing Noah and our 5th actually ttc. She feels that it will happen on its own within the next few months since we've established that my lining looks good and my prog. level (10.9) and OPKs and temping indicate O. She feels its unlikely Ive suddenly lost the ability to get pg (or that dh has lost the ability to get me that way) since Ive got 6 kids plus 3 lost little ones and we just lost Noah a little over 5 months ago. But I know that the odds are growing against me the longer we go w/o conceiving. She is a bit concerned that I havent been having EWCM the past few months and wonders if that could be preventing a pg. I conceived ny 4th after 5 mos of trying and never had EWCM that entire time either though. She is hoping that with the clomid it will force a nice healthy egg (or two) to mature and and pop out and that maybe it will give me more ewcm. Though clomid can adversly efect your lining and cm she hopes that wont be the case with me. So I get to try 50 mg of clomid from cd 3-7 next cycle assuming I dont get preggers this cycle and I hope I do! She is a bit worried Ill get OHSS or that Ill end up with twins but I would be fine with twins if that happens. I really dont think it will though. If I dont get pg in the next few months she is sending dh for a SA.

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Eeeek, I'm 36! You're scaring me. Blum 3

In all honesty everything sounds totally normal on your end. It's perfectly normal not to get pg the first few cycles, even if you have been pg before. I'm pretty confident it will happen for you. Stay positive!!!! Smile

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sounds like a pretty good appointment, I hope you won't need the Clomid next cycle though.

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Yay for an awesome appointment!!

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"Heatherbella" wrote:

Eeeek, I'm 36! You're scaring me.

Haha, me too...I've been 35 for nearly a year now and quickly approachin 36.

Tiffany, yay for a good report. Hope it happened already so you don't have to worry anymore. :goodluck:

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Good luck, I hope all goes well for you!

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Sounds like things are going good on your end. Hopefully this will be your month and you wont need the clomid for the next cycle.

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Sounds like everything looks great.

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Brilliant news! Hopefully you'll not be needing the clomid next month!

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Sounds like a good appointment! I hope everything goes well for you this month!