Happy Dance!!

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Happy Dance!!

So I went ahead and bought a doppler. It arrived on Saturday, and I tried for 10 long minutes to find that little heartbeat on Saturday night, but no luck (and poor harassed baby)!! Well, I tried this morning and within 15 seconds of putting that doppler on my belly I heard it!!! I was able to listen to that little hearbeat thumping away for a good 25-30 seconds before the baby moved and I lost it. It was chugging along at about 155-160 - perfect! Wow, there must have been quite some growth in the past 2.5 days. It's crazy the difference just a couple days can make this early on. Anyway, thought I'd share.

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Yay!! So exciting!

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woooo hoooo! Isn't that great!!! I used ours this morning for DH...it was SO hard to find that baby. I tried with my bladder full first, no luck. So I went pee and I did finally find it very lightly. We could both hear it clearly but the little heart shape didn't catch them all. Oh well, it was good enough to know it's there. Smile

Happy dance for your baby!

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yay. i just ordered one this morning!