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Happy Tummy Thread

Ok, let's share tips and tricks on how to keep our tummies happy. I have had some terrible evenings with tummy upset and indigestion. I think I need to eat smaller meals more often. What are you doing to appease the tummy gods?

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i dont have any now but with DS i had 4 days of nausea and i use to suck on something sour plus i noticed if i gagged (smells) in the morning it always set off my nausea so i tried to hold my breath on things that made me gag

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Lemons help me a little.

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I've had pretty bad nausea on and off for about 2 weeks now so I'll eat ANYTHING that sounds good because hardly anything does. That being said, I know really fatty or high sugar things will make my life miserable later so I try to avoid those.

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Usually carbs makes my belly happy. Crackers, toast, baked potatoes, macaroni. All the really healthy stuff! Ha

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When I was pregnant with my DD, I had morning sickness so bad, that I had to be hospitalized. And the morning sickness lasted the whole pregnancy. I had to get on meds. But, here is a list of things that seemed to help:
1) stay hydrated
2) suck on sour candies (I also used peppermints)
3) ginger tea / candy
4) Watermelon
5) salty foods like pretzel sticks
6) ensuring that I had some protein and some carbs before bed (toast with peanut butter was a good option)
7) keeping the room at a cooler temp
Dirol eating crackers and letting them settle for 10 minutes or so before I got out of bed

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Lemon lime flavored seltzer water!! I didn't even discover it until this pregnancy, but it is awesome. Normal water just tastes weird right now, but the fizz and slight lime taste is great. Also, try to eat and drink at separate times. The tummy handles it better.

ETA: Make sure it's not the flavored drinks with sugar or artificial sweeteners. I'm talking about straight carbonated water with just a hint of natural flavoring to give it a hint of lemon lime.

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tummy upset is a little different than what I'd do for nausea. For an upset tummy/indigestion I'd make sure to eat smaller meals and preferably earlier in the evening. Avoid spicy food, really fatty food, chocolate, soda and caffeine. High acid foods can also make indigestion/heartburn worse - so watch out for tomato sauces.

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Sprite seems to help, and so does sucking on a piece of hard candy.