He has a name and it's.....

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He has a name and it's.....

Matan Lev

It's hebrew, Matan means gift and Lev means heart.

We had about 60 people in our house for the circumcision and naming today, and I'm completely exhausted, probably overdid it - and have had more pp bleeding today than the past 3 days combined. Thankfully DD went to bed at 6:30, and I'm taking an early bed time too!

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Sounds like quite the celebration. You know, I have always had my bleeding pick up right around the one week mark with my last 3 or 4 as well. I think it does have to do with "feeling a lot better" and over doing it. Certainly with a party going on that would be easy to do. I hope you are able to get a good nights sleep!

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How exciting!!!! Try to take it easy tomorrow. Smile

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Love his name and hope you get some rest!

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Yay for a name! It must feel good to have that big day behind you.

Is it pronounced like it looks; Ma-tan? What will you call him, full name or a nickname?

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Sounds like a wonderful day! Love the name!

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Great name!

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Sounds like quite the party! Rest up girl!

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Love it!
thats a lot of people! How special though to share the celebration of your LO

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Officially WTTW baby Matan! Take it easy and hopefully that bleeding will mellow out.

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Matan is a fantastic name!

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Neat name. Rest up mama.