Heading to doctor today. :/

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Heading to doctor today. :/

Freaking Zofran has done me in.

Constipated for days and days.

After lots of straining, I appear to have internal hemorrhoids. External can be cured with OTC but apparently internal requires an embarrassing physical exam. When I cough, I feel like my insides are falling out. I'm swollen shut, essentially. It's so gross and horrifying and painful. I have no idea what to expect when I go into the office. I'm pretty nervous.

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Oh, no! I hope you can get some relief girl. Thinking of you!

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Oh no! I'm sorry u rvin pain. I hope you find relief

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I hope they can help you. THat is miserable!

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Oh no! I am so sorry Sad :bigarmhug:

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:bighug: Serious constipation and hemis are no joke. So sorry you are suffering but glad you are swallowing your pride and getting some help. I hope you find relief!!

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Awe, sorry (((hugs))).

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I've been pretty constipated - but no where near that bad! I'm sorry it's so bad for you. That's actually one of the extra reasons I refused to take any anti-nauseas, cause I knew how constipated I was even without them! Also, while not deemed "safe", the safest time if you did want to do a saline based enema is during the second trimester. I did one a couple weeks ago which seemed to help.

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Oh no!!!!!!! I'm so sorry!! I hope the experience turns out well and you get some much needed relief!!

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Oh no! I'm so sorry to read this! I had pretty bad constipation with DD and it was dreadful. Hemis are BRUTAL! I hope you can get some relief. Sad

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I really hope you get some relief today!!!

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Sad hope you feel better soon!

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oh no that sucks, hemorrhoids suck hopefully they can give you some relief

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Oh no! That's awful! Let us know how you make out! Hope you are able to get some relief!