Healing from a csection?

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Healing from a csection?

Any tips?
The nausea has dissipated, but it still get woozy trying to sit up. I haven't been through this before and didn't know if there were any tips to help.

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No advice. Just wanted to offer a hug. I hope you feel better soon.

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:bighug: I don't have any advice either, but I know a couple of the ladies here have had a C-section done, and I'm sure thy will chime in with some advice.

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I have had 2 sections. My best advice is to take it easy. Day 2 is the worst always. But when you do stand up to go to the bathroom. Make sure you sit on the edge of the bed first for a minute so that you can gather your bearings. Otherwise you will get super dizzy. Then Get up and try to stand up as straight as possible. I know it will hurt but it's the best thing for you. Definitely take your pain meds when you need them it will help you to get up and walking which will also help with recovery. But don't over due it other wise you will do more harm than help. Just go with what your body tells you. Everyone is different and heals different. But recovery isn't that bad so you will be up and moving in no time. So for now relax and enjoy that beautiful baby girl!

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I've had two as well. Definitely use a pillow they give you when you cough, sneeze, etc. to press into your incision as you do. The extra support is really helpful. Also, as soon as you can take walks up and down the corridors. I used the baby bed on wheels as a support.

I also asked the nurse for a tummy binder thing last time that the hospital provided and she helped strap me in. Having the extra support for the abs was awesome.

Oh, and one of my nurses rigged this awesome contraption for me: slice the end of a diaper open, fill with ice, tape closed. The natural curve of the diaper forms to your belly shape, and the chemicals inside absorb the ice as it melts. I wore yoga pants the entire time in the hospital after I could shower, so those hold the diaper in.

And stay on top of your pain meds!!! Set a timer if you have to.

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I was wondering about yoga pants. They found like it would be comfortable, but I wasn't sure if it would irritate the incision? I get the catheter out soon and am looking forward to showering and pants!

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"elleon17" wrote:

I was wondering about yoga pants. They found like it would be comfortable, but I wasn't sure if it would irritate the incision? I get the catheter out soon and am looking forward to showering and pants!

The turned over band actually felt nice for me. And it held the ice. LOL I also liked that the mesh panties were more secure, too. The gowns just annoy the crap out of me. My "uniform": nursing tank, yoga pants, men's button up shirt.

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I also have no experience but wanted to offer a huge :bighug:

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My sister wore her high panel maternity pants to help, I hope u feel better soo. *hugs*

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I know with heart surgeries they say a pillow over the incision sight while actively trying to sit up helps a lot, so maybe a bit of reverse pressure?

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Ugh, c-section recovery. Sad I honestly don't remember too much of being dizzy. Ok, well, the first entire day was a write off for me. Morphine, gravol, rinse repeat. Over and over. I'm not really big on meds and how they make me feels so I tried to wean off them quickly. That said, I took regular Tylenol and Advil for weeks and weeks.

I sure remember the pain when I coughed or sneezed. That lasted quite a while. Definitely apply counter pressure or you will feel like you're tearing open. Pillows work well. After I was home I mostly used my hand. I would drop EVERYTHING if I had to sneeze or cough. Ok, not DD but everything else.

When you sit up definitely do so slowly and gradually. Sit on the edge of the bed to get your bearings before standing up.

Oh man, I feel for you. *hugs* I hope things get better quickly.

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I know I've been MIA for awhile but wanted to offer some advise. I've had 2 csections and like pp have said. Def use the pillow when coughing or any time you feel it is needed. Sit up slowly and stay on top of pain meds for the 1st week. Make sure the hospital gives you one of the barces for your belly. They help tons. With my first I stayed in bed during most of the hospital stay. With my 2nd I was up walking the halls the next day and that helped my recovery tons. I did make the mistake of lifting too much once I got home and paid for it. Follow the Drs lifting restrictions the best you can cause beign in pain an extra week was not worth it! Make sure you bring the belly brace home with you as it really is a life saver. They are a pain to put back on yourself after showers so make sure you have some one to help you once you get out. Also I'm unsure what it feels like after having a vaginal birth but be prepared that when you do take it off that your belly will feel extremely heavy and it alway kinda freaked me out lol