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I had been lurking a little here, but was positive I was going to get a bfp this cycle. AF is due for tomorrow and not even the hint of anythign to squint at and temps took a nosedive. SO I guess I need to stop lurking and just join! Hi ladies!

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Hey girl. As much as I love you, I was hoping you wouldn't be joining me here. LOL. *hugs*

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aww thanks Heather! Maybe this will be it for BOTH of us! and we can stay on the board together!

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Better luck this month!

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Good luck this month!

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Sorry! Hope June is your month!

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Sorry the witch has found you!!
Huge hugs and luck for this month!!!!

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Sorry it wasn't your month. Wishing you lots of baby dust for June!

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I hope June is my month too! If it isnt than I think we may stop ttc for a month. If we dont make June and have to move on to July then the due date would be less than a week from DS and I dont know that I want to risk kids sharing a birthday