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I think I'm going to hang out here as well as July. Due 7-7 but my first was due 6-17 and came 5-28. Second was due 10-07 and came 9-28. So I'm just about betting on 6-28.

I haven't looked around to see if there are any familiar "faces" yet.

So this was a shocking surprise for us. Kiddos are 5 and 7 and we were pretty happy to leave the baby phase behind. Still adjusting to this craziness!

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Welcome and congrats! This also our third.

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I'm hanging here too. Wink DS was due 10/2,came 08/29

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Welcome and congrats!! I'm due 6/28 with #4, but I hear you on having left the baby stage. I have an 11 year old and and 8 year old and my youngest is 20 months. We're still adjusting and now we're adding another baby to this craziness!!

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Welcome! Sounds like you will have some great helpers with your older two though! Glad you decided to join us!

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Welcome! We love more friends over here Biggrin Congrats!

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Congrats and welcome!!! This is our 3rd too! Lots of BTDT moms on this board Smile

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Welcome!! Smile I'm always in the baby phase, LOL! The great news is that the baby stage is absolutely the best after the first couple - so much easier then the first time or two, and it makes it really enjoyable.

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Congratulations! Welcome to June Smile