Hello, again

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Hello, again

Well I've finally gotten some emotional balls back (sorry for the vulgarity if that bothers anyone) just wanted to put up a post on what's been happening and or what has happened during my last two months.
I was finally diagnosed with an ectopic/ovarian pregnancy. It's been a rough time for me and its taken a bit of strength to finally come talk to y'all. Mainly because I'm looking to see if anyone has had similar situations. I had to have two rounds of the methotrexate shot to diffuse the pregnancy. I never thought I could have such an emotional roller coaster such as this. As of this time my hcg has finally fallen to a negative. But my dr wants me to get on birth control. I do not want to do that and I want to TTC now. Anyone have any pointers or words of advice? I've heard different stories of methotrexate causing birth defects and that is the reason for the need to wait at least 3 cycles. I've also heard that it isn't really proven that the methotrexate does indeed cause defects. I feel like my heart is ready as well as my body. I pray that everyone else is doing well and that your little beans are thriving!!

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Hi girl. Thank you so much for posting. I've been thinking about you a lot. I'm so sorry to hear what happened. Unfortunately I don't have any advice to offer...just love and support. I can understand your desire to TTC right away. *hugs*

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I'm so sorry. :bigarmhug:

I don't know nothing about the medication, but wish I could help.

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I'm so sorry!!

Honestly,in my opinion and if it was me, I would follow the doctors words wait for 3 months. The meds may not do any damage if you were to concieve right away, but I don't know that I would be comfortable with the possibility. Maybe even wait 2 months. Thats just what I would do. You might be comfortable TTC right away, but I would be nervous. Let your body heal a little, get the drugs out of your system, then try. Maybe even see how your next cycle is. If its normal, then maybe TTC.

Good Luck and KUP!!

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I'm so sorry to hear it has been a rough road for you on recent weeks. :(. I usually lean toward not waiting if you don't want to after a loss. Especially if it was a natural m/c and not even too worried about waiting after a d&c but more think you should pay attention to how you feel and if your body is acting normal. However this is one situation I would say go with your docs recommendation. It's true they don't know for sure the actual risks after methotrexate but I wouldn't take the chance. I know how hard it is to wait and how much you just want to be pregnant again...I've BTDT and it sucks. But in the long run it's a few short months to give your next baby the best chance. I hope the wait passes quickly for you. Best wishes for you. ((hugs))

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Hello dear! I am so sorry for your loss.

Like the others have said, I know you feel like you are ready, but with the conflicting reports on what the methotrexate can do I think it might be best just to wait it out, then jump back in fully when you are sure it won't cause any issues.

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I've been thinking about you. No advice, but (((hugs))).

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Hugs -- so sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers to you. Sorry, I don't have any personal advice on this subject. However, I can tell you a very good friend of mine had an ectopic pregnancy and then subsequently had two successful pregnancies. Hang in there.

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I'm so sorry. I can certainly understand the desire to ttc again right away. No advice really, just make sure you do your research and feel 100% comfortable with your decision. :bighug:

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Glad to hear from you, I have been thinking about you. I don't really know what to tell you, good luck to you in whatever you choose to do!

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Oh! MEMEMEMEME! I went through one of those in late January. Okay, here's the deal: Methotrexate is able to get rid of a pregnancy in your tube because of what the drug actually does. It's used for cancer - it blocks the regeneration of cells. Since an early pregnancy is nothing but a bunch of cells dividing and forming into new cells, it blocks that and essentially shrinks away the pregnancy. I found out about mine because I was bleeding and it HURT LIKE HECK to have sex. I got two shots on a Wednesday, was sick as crap Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun. Went back to the doc on Wednesday where my HCG had gone up and got two more shots. Those hurt more, but they did the trick. I had to get checked every week to see if my HCG was falling. I was so hurt. They had even found a heartbeat on the one in my tube. A lot of my "friends" don't know what a tubal pregnancy is, or how dangerous it can be for the mom, and they assumed it was some sort of abortion. It's NOT. You can NOT have a baby in your tube, it will rupture and could kill you! But I got some insensitive comments made.
Anyway, about waiting - methotrexate is processed by your body very quickly. However, the left overs from the meds are still there. If you were to get pregnant without waiting, the left over meds would attack that pregnancy and keep the cells from dividing (remember, that's that that medicine is for) and your pregnancy wouldn't work anyway. Now, my OB told me to wait 3 months from the FIRST shots. I've heard to wait 3 months from the time your HCG falls back to 0 on the internet, but my OB told me different. My shots were in late February, my HCG fell to normal in late April. I fell pregnant in June. And so far - everything is fine. No tubal this time. And - I only had one "real" period...not 3.

I wish you all the luck in the world. I know how bad it sucks to have one of those and then the next time you're constantly worrying about another one. ((((HUGE HUGS))))) Please PM me if you feel like you want to talk.

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thanks for keeping us posted I've been thinking about you.. as far of my D&C I waited the 3 months that my doctor recommended and it took me 12 cycles before i got pregnant. If i had know that I probably would of just started right away. I have no advice as far as the medication you took but if your ready than maybe its the right time.

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Well babywings had good info on the meds side in terms of what it does. I guess my thinking would be to wait the three cycles, but not go on bc. Just use other contraception. Only because you're technically also supposed to wait after bc to ttc for your body to regulate and become a healthy environment for the baby. So waiting three months using bc, would really mean waiting more imo. I know many people who have gotten pgn on their first cycle after bc, but health wise it's not the best because of the hormones. Anyways.. I'm sorry that you're going through this, and I hope you can come to a solution that suits you and your body.