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We used to be really good at going to bed. But lately. we have to FIGHT our 3 yr old to go to bed. then he's up in the middle of the night in our bed.(Normally he'd go right back to his bed. but when DH is too asleep to make him go back... Im too exhausted to get up get him back in bed make a bathroom trip since Im awake.....bc then I can't fall back asleep) When I say fight I mean we go through a nightly routine of putting him in bed. him getting out. putting him in bed him getting up and playing. then having to "tell us something".. then back to bed etc. repeat until at LEAST 11pm. He is currently in his room yelling that he's not tired yet and can't sleep. I am WAY behind at work (and report cards are this week!) , and the house is WAY behind. its a disaster zone to be honest. Im ready to have DH call MIL and see if when we go up there tomorrow if DS can stay the night. It would give me extra time after work to catch up in the classroom/on planning and grading. (which I HAVE to get caught up on because we are now in the second half and I am goign to be observed again and they have been asking for the lesson plan--and praying I get my tenure this year) and I could get at least one night of sleep....

Anyone else have this problem? I am taking suggestions for getting this child to sleep for us!

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Is he still napping? Lots of my mom friends have had to stop giving their 3 year olds naps because they were having bed time issues.

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No tips. We're going through something similar. Transferred DD to her own room a few weeks ago, had a few good nights and then she regressed. But she wasn't sttn before anyway. But now it's that she has a hard time letting us leave the room once she's sleeping. She only goes to sleep with us lying down with her, and many times lately she will pop up when we try to leave. Some nights are ok, then some nights it can take an hour and a half to get out, even if she was sleeping after 20 minutes. Then she's been coming to our room in the night - and we have to take her back to bed, and do it all again. She even brings us things in her sleepy state - one time she brought her massive teddy bear, then she brought me 3 books to read, then last night she asked to hear polly wolly doodle on the computer. Funny kid! No tips since I'm clearly far from expert. But you have all my sympathy!

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The only thing that worked for us won't help you. We put the kids in one bedroom. Solved a lot of sleep issues in one move. But Lucas still gets up a lot later, when Tori is asleep.

I'm too tired to do anything about it. I keep a crib mattress in my closet. He knows if he wakes up he can pull it out and sleep on my floor. He also knows how to put a kids show on Netflix so if he really can't sleep, he will sometimes do that. I need to sleep so this is the compromise we have found. He often will get up at 4 am with Jon, eat breakfast with him and then get in my bed when Jon leaves for work. He doesn't sleep through the night. I've tried to fix him but then I concluded that he's very healthy, he's growing normally and he does fine with his schoolwork. The lack of sleep doesn't appear to affect him right now. So I've just learned to accept it.... Someday he will be 14 and he will want to sleep 18 hours a day. Smile

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He knows you don't mean it. When we transferred DS to a big bed/new bedroom he would do the same thing. It was exhausting. We finally turned the doorknob backwards and warned him that if he got out of bed we would have to lock the door. It only took once or twice (and we would unlock it after a couple of minutes) for him to remember to stay in bed.

And it may be that his naptime needs to be shortened or he has to be woken up by a certain time.

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DD went through a similar phase and she started losing her favorite bed items for getting out of bed (blanket, stuffed animals). That worked well for us. She cried a few nights but now goes to bed no problem and just lays there and talks to her animals until she falls asleep. Hang in there, that's a rough phase! I didn't adjust naps but I knew she was tired, just fighting me.

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My life is a constant stream of bedtime woes!!!!

My almost 4 year old doesn't sleep much. He doesn't get to nap much, since he's at preschool from 9-2 pm 4 days a week. On the days he has no school I usually try and make him nap because he is GRUMPY. But then he won't go to bed til 11 - same thing - gets out of bed 50 times asking for water, going pee, getting stuffies, etc. And he still gets up at 6 am. KILL ME. When he goes to bed at 8-9 pm he is up at 6 am anyways. 6 am is NOT in my "nice mom" time zone.

My 1 year old has been battling naps and bedtime. This week he has been up at 5 am every single day. GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! He used to get up at 5 am and I'd give him a bottle and he'd go back to sleep til 7 but now he just drinks a bottle and stays up. I am a zombie.

We tried many things with my DS1. There was a period where we literally had to lock him in his room (we'd hold the door handle tightly and not let him get out). He'd scream bloody murder for about 5 minutes but then meekly climb back in bed and go to sleep. I was at my wits end by that point. It was taking him 3 hours to go to sleep. He's not quite as bad now, but who knows what made the difference, maybe just time.

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it was after midnight by the time he was asleep. DH took away some of his toys and said he can have them back in the morning. He cried himself to "sleep" (it sounded like he was sleeping but he had relocated himfself to the floor so he was out of view of the monitor) but then he got up a little later turned his light on got something and then was playign in the floor again. He did however sleep all night in his room (unless he woke DH up) It doesnt matter if he naps or not. some days he does otehr days he doesnt get one and he still does the same thing. Sad