To help celebrate our newest family member...

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To help celebrate our newest family member...

we got these...

The ultrasound went well. The kids didn't think that the baby looked too much like a baby though... Smile When she started out, right away she took the quickest flash over the entire baby, and I knew right then and there that it was a girl, without her even "going in" to actually check. I'm getting pretty good and spotting what's there, and what isn't. Wink

Anyway, baby girl was head down and curled into a tight ball. Although she was wiggling around, she refused to move her head or uncurl herself. We had a hard time getting just about all the pics we needed. We finally managed to pull it off though. The only thing we couldn't get 100% completely was the spine, but everything that they did get looked 100% perfect as far as they could tell. I won't even bother posting pics of her. They are seriously really bad. It's hard to even tell it's a baby face... oh well.

ETA: Oh and some details I forgot to mention. The baby is measuring pretty much right on track. Estimated weight is 13 ounces and is measuring 20 weeks, 2 days. Oh, and MY weight is certainly coming along... I'm up 25 pounds - Yuck!

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Yay for a healthy baby girl! Sorry u didn't get great pics. I def understand that. go team pink!

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Yey Smile Congrats on a healthy baby girl and those donuts look so yummy!

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Congrats on the girl and everything looking good!

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sounds like a great appt. i dont see how your up 25 look amazing

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YAY for a healthy baby girl!!! Sorry to hear that she was curled up so tight and hard to see. That must have been disappointing for the older kids. Sad Do you have any name ideas?

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WOO HOO! Pink Party!!!!! Yahoo

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No name ideas yet... for some reason (even though I knew it was probably a girl) I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I'm going to have 5 girls. 4 girls doesn't seem like "a lot of girls" to me, but 5 does!!! LOL Crazy

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Lol! Congrats on a baby girl! If this one is a girl, three girls seems like a lot to me!!! But I know I'll love him/her no matter what!

Really happy she is healthy! That's the most important thing!!!

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Congrats on your baby girl! Sorry she was being difficult and you didn't get great pics but great news she looks good!

PS now I want a donut...

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Congrats on baby girl!!! Your little dude is just going to be surrounded by girls. He will be pampered for sure!! Wink

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Congrats Laurie. How exciting. Smile

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I have to say, my hubby is the youngest with 3 older sisters and I think that's sometimes a benefit to his future wife. Biggrin

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**april 08 lurker**

YAY Laurie!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats on your healthy little girl!! I want a donut, too.

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Yay! I'm so happy for you!

PS I want a donut now too! Wink

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Congratulations on your healthy baby girl!! Smile

I don't know where you put 25 lbs :confused:...I've gained around 20 but it's not surprising to hear that when you look at me. Wink

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Congrats on a great appt and healthy baby!! Sorry about the weight gain and not so wonderful pics. Sad That stinks..

Nice call on the donuts. Wink :drool: Wink

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Congrats on your little girl!! Sorry you didn't get any good pictures...that stinks Sad At least she is happy and healthy!!