Hey Mommas!

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Hey Mommas!

Just wanted to stop in and say hi and see how everyone's feeling. Just hit fifteen weeks myself today!! Lots happened in my life...totaled my car...herniated a disc in my back....not fun times. But baby is healthy! How's everyone here!!! I'm due Aug. 5 but I feel more at home here!!

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It's nice to hear from u. Sorry u had some troubles

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Glad to hear from you and glad to hear that all is going well!

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Hi Chrisie!!!! I was just thinking about you the other day...wondering how things were going. I'm so glad you came by to visit. All is good here with us...getting bigger...still team green!

Sorry to hear about your accident and your back problems. What a giant pain!!!! I'm glad baby is good though, that's great!

Feel free to join in on our chat if you feel comfortable with us. We're nice!

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Yikes sorry to hear about the accident, but glad baby is doing well. Like Heather said, feel free to drop in any time Biggrin

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EEP! I hate it when those cars get the notion to crash! But glad baby is doing well.