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Hi, I'm Mel. I think i just convinced DH to go for #3. We were waiting for October but what's one month earlier! LOL

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Yay, hopefully we both get positives and can share a board. I am over TTC and looks like it's moving on over here for me

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Yahoo Yay! What's one month? Hopefully we'll get to share a board. Smile

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Hello! and GL!

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Hooray for gaining a month! :goodluck: and hopefully we can share a BB! Smile

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thanks ladies! Smile

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Yay for getting the go ahead to TTC! Good luck and hope June becomes your home Smile

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Hope to be birth month buddies!

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**Ssssshhh I'm not actually here obsessing or anything**

Yay for convincing hubby to get started this month!

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Good luck and hope to share June with you!!

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yay for trying for #3. I am trying for # 3 also. Not sure if May or June will be my month.