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Hi Im New

I am new and Due June 10 2013. I have two kiddoes Kolten, 7 and Karisma,5. Hoping for another girl.

My name in Andi and I work from home.

Nice to meet you all.

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Hi Andi! Welcome! I'm due June 11!!!

I love your kids' names! DH has a 'thing' for Charisma Carpenter so that's names out for me...but I do love it. Blum 3

I work from home too! Isn't it nice to not have to hide your pregnancy from co-workers?

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Hi and welcome!

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Hi Andi :wavehello: Congratulations and welcome to June 2013!!

I look forward to getting to know you. Here's to a HH9M's Smile

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nice due date (my birthday) welcome to the board

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Hello and welcome!!

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Congratulations and welcome to the June 2013 board!! Smile

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Welcome and Congrats!!

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Welcome to June! I'm due the 10th also Smile

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Hello! Welcome and nice to meet you!